TOP 5 ARTICLES: June 26-July 2

#5: Video Deck Tech - RW Tokens, by Frank Lepore

At this point Standard is pretty much at full bloat. What I mean by that is that there are just a metric ton of sets in Standard, which means that now's the easiest time to accidentally pass over powerful cards. Enter Monastery Mentor: a solid creature that sees fringe Eternal play but hasn't quite caught on in Standard. Frank picks a deck that aims to replicate the lines of play afforded to stock Jeskai Ascendancy decks, but without the third color tripping him up.

#4: Magic Origins Standard Game Changers, by Jadine Klomparens

The way Jadine analyzes cards and thinks about the game makes for vital reading every week. It's a real no-nonsense approach:

"The minor upgrades and niche roleplayers don't interest me during spoiler season - I want to figure out the big picture, find the cards that I will be playing with and against again and again in the upcoming months, and look at how these cards interact with the ones that already see play. In short, I'm looking for the potential game changers; the cards that could change important aspects of Standard as we know it."

A really important article if you want a quick grasp on what the future of Standard holds.

#3: Master Deckbuilder Challenge 2, by Craig Wescoe

Collected Company was hardly a blip on my radar, if anything at all, during Dragons of Tarkir spoiler season, continuing a long tradition of mine of being terrible at evaluating cards. Collected Company has proved itself a total powerhouse in Modern, begging green mages to build around it and demanding blue ones have countermagic at all times. Craig hosted a contest, and posted five Modern brews featuring the powerful Dragons of Tarkir instant.

#2: Modern Monday - Thunder and Lightning, by Frank Lepore

For anyone that started playing Magic pre-8th edition, odds are good that Ball Lightning played some sort of role in your Magic coming-of-age. Frank brings the pain in this week's Modern Monday with a deck sporting a handful of Ball Lightning variants, harkening back to the days where it just felt so, so good to six people out of nowhere.

#1: Magic Origins Exclusive Preview: Despoiler of Souls, by Frank Lepore

TCGplayer's exclusive Origins Spoiler is the latest in a long line of recursive threats in black. A backbreaker against control with a strong statline to boot, it's no surprise that this was our most-viewed article this week.

TOP 10 DECKS: June 26-July 2

#10: Abzan Aggro, by Andrew Boswell

Format: Standard - DTK

The Bos has been running Abzan Aggro since the archetype's inception, cementing his legacy as a master of aggressive strategies with a win in Baltimore last weekend.

#9: Elves, by Michael Malone

Format: Modern - DTK

Down from #2 last week, Elves' continued presence on these lists proves just how well players respond to this tribal behemoth.

#8: Death and Taxes, by Hans Christian Ljungquist

Format: Modern - DTK

Moving up a spot from #9 last week, this deck gives credence to the convention that cockroaches and white weenie decks will be the only two things to survive the Apocalypse.

#7: Kuldotha Rebirth, by mranders

Format: Modern - DTK

This deck was a blast to play during ZEN-SOM Standard, and this iteration looks like no less of a blast.

#6: Grixis Delver, by Mat Bimonte

Format: Modern - DTK

Holding steady at #6, Mat Bimonte's Grixis Delver deck packs an early punch and finishes strong with haymakers like Cryptic Command and, well, Snapcaster Mage targeting Cryptic Command.

#5: Mardu Midrange, by Max Ackerman

Format: Standard - DTK

The two copies of "?" really give this deck a unique feel. Unfortunately this is the result of a card being unreadable or missing on the decklists that are sent over from our event organizers.

#4: GR Devotion, by Sky Mason

Format: Standard - DTK

Big congratulations to Sky Mason - not just for winning GP: Providence, but for moving up in our rankings from #7 to #4!

#3: RG Midrange, by Jamie Kelly

Format: Standard - DTK

Another Standard jumper, from #5 to #3, Jamie Kelly's dragon-fueled midrange deck features the Den Protector / Deathmist Raptor engine as the meat in a Stormbreath Dragon / Thunderbreak Regent sandwich.

#2: Red Deck Wins, by Dalton Mott

Format: Standard - DTK

The third of our Standard movers and shakers, jumping from #4 to #2, this Red Deck Wins build is uncomplicated and deadly efficient.

#1: Merfolk, by Przemek Knocinski

Format: Modern - DTK

The top deck for the second week in a row, Przemek's Merfolk deck, applies quick pressure with 11 total Merfolk lords and protects its lead with spot removal and bounce.