The Magic: The Gathering 2020 Season Grand Finals has been riveting to watch. Despite a turnout of roughly 72% decks in the metagame being Omnath decks (of either the Ramp or Adventures varieties), the games played in the event up until the end of Round 12 showed that Omnath, Locus of Creation is beatable. Furthermore, a few players out of the Top 8 for the event have been determined through a series of power plays, as it were, which left a fair few spectators confused from home.

During Round 12, Patrick Fernandes and Allen Wu intentionally tied with the intent to reach the Top 8 echelon together. However, a later matchup between Gabriel Nassif and Raph Levy also resulted in an intentional draw, despite Nassif getting the win in the match that preceded that news. What this means for Wu is that he ranked ninth, just shy of the Top 8 contenders set to face off tomorrow at noon, Eastern time.

The Top 8 for the 2020 Season Grand Finals. Allen Wu placed ninth despite an intentional draw with Patrick Fernandes.

Is this kind of move fair to make? Logistically speaking, absolutely. Is it fair on a moral level? It's not for us to say, but it's a good question at the least. Had Nassif not intentionally tied with Levy, Wu would have taken his spot on the roster for tomorrow. However, that's not what happened, as evidenced by the news that broke after Nassif and Levy's game.

At this time there are still six decks revolving around Omnath, Locus of Creation. Out of the six, five are Adventure decks, piloted by Fernandes, Levy, Nassif, Austin Bursavich, and Aaron Gertler. The other decks making a showing tomorrow are Gruul Adventures, piloted by Autumn Burchett who went undefeated during Day One of the event, Omnath Ramp piloted by Emma Handy in her first Top 8 in an event of this level, Dimir Rogues piloted by Seth Manfield.

Despite so many similar decklists in the Top 8, this roster still makes for good entertainment both in the event and out of it, and we look forward to seeing how it plays out!