Team YCS Las Vegas was an unforgettable event for more than 1500 attendees, but for one lucky duelist it was also the ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh weekend! TeamSamuraiX1 flew one of his viewers to Vegas to join him and Trif for the main event, and together with North American Champion Gabriel Vargas they spent their time on the strip, and living the high life in a luxe penthouse suite!

How'd they do in the Team YCS? What'd they see, what did they eat, and how do some of Yu-Gi-Oh's best live the Vegas lifestyle? Get ready to find out, because Sam's latest travel vlog is about to show you the whole weekend through their eyes.

If you want to see Top Cut deck lists from the Team YCS Vegas main event, just click on over to the Deck Archive. And stay tuned, because we're going to be adding more decks from Vegas later today!