With Hour of Devastation now legal for play in Standard, I figured now is the purrrrrfect time to make some videos of the Green-White Cats tribal deck I wrote about last week.

The only change I made was replacing the third Prepare // Fight with a fourth Declaration in Stone. There was too much fur flying around with all the cat fights.

For additional analysis of the deck, read what I said about it last week.

In the videos we play against a pretty diverse representation of the metagame: White-Blue Monument, Temur Energy, White-Black Midrange, Blue-Red Control and Mardu Vehicles.

Against Monument, the deck showed its ability to engage profitably in combat. Our bodies size up well against the opposing bodies and our removal / pump can force the opponent's entire board to crumble since they need a critical mass of threats to operate. In this match our anthems didn't shine the way they usually do, enabling our creatures to attack into all their small creatures. Nevertheless we won.

Against Temur Energy we saw how an unchecked Pride Sovereign will end the game pretty quickly. The deck also proves it can recover quickly from Radiant Flames with all the embalm and eternalize. We can also get some of our creatures out of range. While it's obvious that multiple turns with a powerful creature can win, the match against the White-Black Midrange deck showed our ability to fight through a ton of removal. In the final game, we fought through two Grasp of Darkness, a Doomfall, two Anguished Unmaking, two Fumigates, one of each Gideon, and a Sorin, Grim Nemesis. And it still wasn't even close! The opponent ended with no cards left in hand and we still had a 5/5 Longtusk Cub, an Adorned Pouncer, two Knight Ally Tokens, a Gideon emblem, and an active Gideon, Ally of Zendikar on five loyalty!

We did, however, struggle some against Blue-Red Control. We got stuck on four mana with three copies of Regal Caracal in hand and the opponent at three life. By the time we hit our fifth land it was too late. I don't think this is an especially good matchup since they have efficient removal, good sweepers and a powerful late game. But if their answers don't line up properly, we can steal the match.

As for Mardu Vehicles, despite my inability to do math correctly, we were able to force them onto the back foot – a position Mardu Vehicles is not able to play well from. The top side of Prepare // Fight targeting Adorned Pouncer makes for a nice life swing that is hard to race. In the final game the deck showed how it's able to win the long game against their planeswalker sideboard plan. Pride Sovereign got out of control, Regal Caracal kept their planeswalkers from ever being able to survive, and Ajani Unyielding came down to remove their last blocker so the entire pride could attack for lethal – exactly the way we drew it up!

Craig Wescoe