As Yu-Gi-Oh continues to evolve over time, some of the first cards ever printed have become too powerful for modern competition. Created when the game was in a simpler state, these cards usually have powerful effects with zero downside, making them 'must-plays' in almost any deck. As time has gone on, those effects have been added to cards that have bigger downsides, like how Pot of Greed was "re-trained" into Pot of Extravagance or Pot of Desires.

But what happens when you take some of the strongest effects in the game like Pot of Greed and Change of Heart, put them all into the same card and give them a relatively simple activation requirement ? In today's video, Yacine goes over the pros and cons of Triple Tactics Talent to see if it really deserves to be the chase card in Rise of the Duelist. If you're wondering what makes this card so powerful, check out today's video!

With the current game so heavily dependent on big monster set-ups and Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, the ability to play through your opponent's interruptions is a HUGE game-changer. When going first, Triple Tactics Talent can allow you to bait out the first hand trap your opponent plays and continue on with two additional cards in hand. If you're going second, your opponent has a difficult choice of allowing your plays or giving you card advantage

Despite its powerful abilities, Triple Tactics Talent can still be skilled around. All in all, this card's probably going to show up in plenty of decks in the near future.

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring