It's no secret: conventional one-shot trap cards that have to be set and then played from your back row are a tough sell these days. Hand traps are the new... well, traps. And with cards like Infinite Impermanence and Red Reboot playable from your hand, classically styled trap cards are often too slow to be viable. Factor in modern removal like Twin Twisters and Knightmare Phoenix and those types of trap cards become a surprisingly risky gambit.

But with all that in mind we'll see two new trap cards in Dark Neostorm and Rising Rampage that could help balance the scales, helping to regain the lost respect for set-and-activate traps. What are those cards and why are they so good? Hit the video to find out as Doug profiles both.

Do you think Manhunt and Get Out! can bring conventional trap lineups back to the top tables? Let us know down in the comments.