Thanks to Frank Lepore, the best editor in all the multiverse, I was able to do this video deck tech on this sweet brew for you. This is my second attempt to do a video article (in the first one the videos wouldn't even play) so please leave constructive comments on how you think I can improve in future video articles. If you think I did great, then I'll take that comment too. It was a little nerve-wracking getting this thing together and Frank makes it look like a cake walk. Anywaysssss. Onto the deck.

If you know me, then you know I love Time Warp cards. I've been very disappointed in the last ones we've had. Sage of Hours, Ugin's Nexus, and Temporal Trespass just weren't cutting it. When I saw Part the Waterveil I was very intrigued and knew it had potential but I didn't really build with the card. I worked on five-color and Eldrazi decks. Well...times have changed. Get it? Times? Okay...let's look at the decklist!


If you are looking for a more detailed breakdown of this deck then make sure to check last week's article on it! I discussed this deck in full detail there. This deck may not seem like a ramp deck, but it has a lot of subtle ramp to it. Nissa's Pilgrimage is obviously a ramp card and so is Rattleclaw Mystic. The not so obvious ones are Kiora, Master of the Depths and Part the Waterveil. Kiora can add a whopping three extra mana if you have an active Shrine of the Forsaken Gods and Rattleclaw Mystic in play. That's more than anyone can ask for from one permanent! Part the Waterveil gets you a land by giving you an extra turn to make a land drop. In the late game, Part the Waterveil will just kill your opponents! Alright let's get to the games!

So we had some rough matches overall. We played our worst matchup twice and beat it once. The decks we played against seemed pretty roguish to me, which speaks a lot about the format. So many decks are viable. I also seemed to struggle with mana at times. Either not getting enough, getting way too much, or getting the wrong colors. This was pretty surprising for a two-color deck. I honestly don't feel like some of those games did the deck justice but it is what it is.

I could be sideboarding incorrectly; maybe I shouldn't be cutting the Gather the Packs as they allow you to do explosive things with Jace, Dig, and Den Protector. They can just be slow and very durdley at times so that's why I cut them so frequently.

The deck has an obvious weakness in fliers and hyper aggressive decks. The fliers we can fix by adding a couple Windstorms or Plummets. Not too much we can do against the aggressive decks, especially Atarka Red. That deck is basically just a combo deck with any pump spell and Temur Battle Rage. Not too much we can do outside adding another Fog. I really think that matchup just comes down to them drawing bad or you timing your Fog perfectly.

Overall I really enjoy this deck and I'm going to continue to champion it for the foreseeable future. I want to test Deathmist Raptor in the list and see how it does. Seems pretty good with Gather the Pack and six other morph creatures! That still doesn't solve the problem against fliers though, maybe another color is in order? I'm open to suggestions.

That's about it for today. My articles will now be going up on Monday instead of Tuesday so make sure to check them out. I'll be going to Grand Prix Pittsburgh this weekend and am either on Lantern Control, Burn, or Tron. If you are going make sure to stop and say hi!

Until next time,
Ali Aintrazi
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