There have been a few different versions of blue/green Ramp popping up, but this one takes full advantage of Crush of Tentacles, a card that doesn't see much play in Standard. Playing with this deck is definitely fun; it can create a soft lock with Den Protector / Crush of Tentacles. This combination is difficult for any deck to overcome. Once this deck has a ton of mana the possibilities are endless, so the deck's gameplan is just to survive until it has a bunch of lands into play.


The deck is capable of turning the corner quickly, but until then, casting ramp spells and protecting your life total when possible is important. Crush of Tentacles can be cast on turn five potentially after a Sight Beyond SIght, but it isn't really until getting to ten mana when the opponent starts feeling helpless. Until Crush of Tentacles can be cast with surge every single turn, your opponent is going to feel like they are winning a lot of the time, but having played with the deck a reasonable amount, I can say it is well-positioned at the moment.

The matchup against W/G Tokens is fantastic for U/G Crush. Any deck that isn't putting on lots of early pressure and can't interact with Crush of Tentacles is going to be in trouble. As long as you can deal with instant-speed threats like Archangel Avacyn and Secure the Wastes, there really are not any issues. The singletons have been really impressive, in particular Void Shatter and Nissa's Renewal. Each singleton is quite impactful in a deck like this, as there is a ton of card filtering; you go through a good portion of the deck in each game.

Control decks are also pretty easy to beat with U/G Crush. The W/B Control deck we played against was a bit funky, but either way it didn't seem like they had much of a shot. There are so many ways to gain card advantage and ways to use mana in the lategame, while W/B Control just has removal that is pretty easy to play around. The control decks that play blue are a bit tougher because of counter magic, but even there I would rather be playing the Ramp deck.

There are some good matchups, but the deck isn't perfect. Losing to other ramp decks certainly happens, as World Breaker is very good against you. The matchup generally comes down to who can get more lands out the fastest though. We didn't play against W/R Humans in the videos, but that is the deck's worst matchup. Still, the matchup is winnable with careful play. We can afford to dedicate a number of sideboard slots to shoring up holes against that deck.

This deck has been impressive but it is tough to play, as there are a ton of different lines in each game. This is the type of deck that is going to take practice before getting comfortable with it. With that being said it can be rewarding to play with in a Standard format otherwise populated by decks that seem far less interesting to play with. I recommend trying it out in a casual event first, you will not be disappointed!

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield