There is a new kid on the block in Modern, and it is Blue-Red Prowess. The deck can win very quickly since you only really need one creature and a flurry of spells. The deck is in many ways like other popular Modern decks, such as Death Shadow's Aggro or Infect. The idea of making a big creature and casting Temur Battle Rage is a proven recipe for success. Kiln Fiend and Thing in the Ice only cost two mana, yet both are extremely explosive. This deck runs cantrips and card draw which are good not only because they help make the deck more spell dense, but those cards help find the cards which actually win the game.

Here is my current list, which is based on the lists that have been doing well on Magic Online:

The list is pretty tight, and personally I enjoy playing a deck with so few lands. Most one-land hands are keeps because of the cantrips, and all the cards being so cheap to cast. For now, the deck also has the element of surprise since it hasn't seen much major success. After getting in games, knowing the little interactions of the deck feels very important. For instance, the fact that Thing in the Ice and Bedlam Reveler are both Horrors means both stay in play when Thing in the Ice flips. Most of the time you want to flip a Thing in the Ice with Temur Battle Rage so as to be able to attack for lethal right away.

There will be other matchups where bouncing the opponent's creatures is especially important, as the game may drag on. For example, versus Green-White Hexproof (Bogles) we were able to stabilize by flipping Thing in the Ice as our opponent's auras fell off their creatures. This provided enough momentum to close the game out over a few turns. A lot of the games do end on the third or fourth turn, but this deck can play a longer game. Bedlam Reveler is the way to refuel against decks that want to play one for one removal against you.

The frustrating match was when we played against Burn. While we were able to win on Turn 3 one of the games, potentially we could have done it two games. It felt like the percentage play in the first game of the match was bringing our opponent down to two with Kiln Fiend to set up lethal next turn. Our opponent needed to have three one-mana spells, and that was the case, so we lost the game. This is a matchup where because we have cards that we need to pay life to cast, we need to try to win during the first few turns, which is not an unrealistic expectation.

This is a deck I expect to see much more of moving forward. There are decks that have trouble interacting with what we are doing, those matchups are quite good. Even Melira Company having access to multiple copies of Path to Exile wasn't good enough. The more difficult matchups are Jund or Jeskai Flash which have a ton of removal, but even there we have plenty of game.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield