The Simorgh theme exploded in Rising Rampagewith a bunch of newmonsters and a solid line-up of supporting spells and traps.

Simorghs have been around since Structure Deck: Lord of the Storm,and their most recent card prior to Rising Rampage is almost adecade old. It's a truly ancient theme, but the latest Simorgh cards don'thave much to do with those earlier releases. Simorgh, Bird of Divinity andDark Simorgh have new retrained versions with excellent effects andsynergies that totally replace their aged ancestors. Simorgh of Darkness isthe star of the new theme thanks to its spell and trap negation, butSimorgh, Lord of the Storm serves as a solid back-up and an important combopiece.

Simorghs have a lot going for them: the big bosses are easy to Summon,virtually every one of the monsters can be Special Summoned from thegraveyard, and the deck's Field Spell has two fantastic effects that helpSummon the theme's best monsters. That said, we need to be realistic aboutthe deck's prospects. It's decidedly a casual strategy, and probably notone you'll want to take to an upcoming Regional any time soon. We'll talkabout the deck's weaknesses when they're relevant, but in the meantimelet's talk about how to build Simorghs with the latest support.

A Whole Lot Of Birds
Each species of Simorgh bird falls into one of two categories: big birdsand little birds.

The big birds consist of the two Level 8 boss monsters that represent allof the deck's offensive and defensive power. Simorgh of Darkness possessesa negation effect that cannibalizes other Winged Beasts to shut down theopponent's spells and traps, while Simorgh, Lord of the Storm acts as bothinterruption and proactive card removal. You can actually trigger Storm'seffect by chaining it to your own spell and trap activations, and itsability to spin cards back to the deck is often worth tributing Stormitself. You'll always want to end your turn with Simorgh of Darkness on thefield to interrupt at least one spell or trap. It's decent protectionagainst decks that need just one spell to turn a bad hand into agame-winning field.

I'd like to add Mist Valley Apex Avian as an honorary member of the "bigbird" family. It has great synergy with the theme's support cards, sooutside of being searchable it's arguably an upgrade from Simorgh ofDarkness. Pairing the two together is excellent, and if it weren't for thenecessity of running at least one copy of Simorgh, Lord of the Storm I'dargue that Apex Avian could completely replace the Wind Simorgh bossmonster. Either way we have our trio of big birds: Simorgh of Darkness,Simorgh, Lord of the Storm, and Mist Valley Apex Avian.

So how are we going to Summon these monsters reliably? We'll use a bunch oflittle birds and their friends to create more than enough tribute fodder.

The rest of the new Simorgh monsters consist of four Level 4 and lower WindWinged Beasts that can Special Summon themselves from the graveyard whenyour opponent controls no spells or traps. They're important pieces of theSimorgh engine and tribute fodder for your big birds, but each of theirfirst effects are still tied to Normal Summons.

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Luckily there are a few ways you can maximize your Normal Summons each turnin the Simorgh deck. First, Simorgh, Bird of Beginnings gives you anotherNormal Summon for a Simorgh monster sometime during your Main Phase – evenafter it leaves the field. As long as you first resolve Beginning's effectyou're safe to use it for a Link Summon and still gain that extra NormalSummon later in your Main Phase.

Simorgh, Bird of Bringing 'brings' the theme's best cards to your hand. Itssearch effect triggers upon its Normal Summon, but you can grab SimorghOnslaught to pick up two Simorgh monsters with different Attributes.Whether you search Onslaught or the deck's Field Spell, Elborz, The SacredLands of Simorgh, will depend on the cards you're currently holding. Theoptimal opening hand typically consists of Bringing, Elborz, and any littlebird. The deck's pretty flexible so long as you can perform a TributeSummon on your first turn. The duel can get a Little Dicey if you don'topen with Bringing orOnslaught, so it's important to run threecopies of each to avoid totally bricking.

The other two little birds aren't nearly as important, but they're usefulin some situations. Simorgh, Bird of Calamity can toss a Simorgh card intothe graveyard from the deck immediately, and it sets up two Tributes forthe big birds for almost no effort. Simorgh, Bird of Protection bounces acard in your opponent's backrow to clear the way for yourgraveyard-activated Simorgh effects, but I've used it almost exclusivelyfor Rank 4 Xyz Summons.

Focusing On Consistent Tribute Summons
You desperately need access to search effects like Simorgh, Bird ofBeginning and Simorgh Onslaught to bring your best combos online. Drawpower's a tremendous help there, so Pot of Extravagance or Pot of Desiresare good choices. Either's fine, but if you do play Desires you'll want tomake sure you're playing a full set of Simorgh of Darkness to keep yourSimorgh Onslaught online.

Running at least two copies of Simorgh, Lord of the Storm helps too. Justremember that you need to reveal a Level 5 or higher WindWingedBeast to activate the first effect of Elborz, and Lord of the Storm'seffectively the only searchable option in the deck.

You also need tribute fodder for those times when you can't set up theperfect in-theme Simorgh play. Cockadoodledoo has a ton of utility in thisdeck as a level 5 Wind Winged Beast, a Tuner, Link Material and tributefodder. Typically you'll want to use it to Summon Hi-Speedroid Rubber BandShooter to gain an extra Wind Normal Summon.

Gusto Griffin and Speedroid Terrortop play largely the same roles, whileDanger! Thunderbird! doubles as a Trade-In target and spell and trapremoval. Both Gusto Griffin and Thunderbird will trigger when discarded forSimorgh Onslaught, and Speedroid Dominobutterfly presents another discardoutlet for Griffin.

DECKID=109970I've tried to keep the budget for this build at a reasonable level. This ischiefly a casual strategy, so we don't necessarily need to break the bankby playing Pot of Extravagance or Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess.Salamangreat Almiraj is probably the most expensive card here that can't bereplaced by a budget alternative. You'll want to send Simorgh, Bird ofBringing to the graveyard somehow after Summoning it alone, and Almiraj iseasily the best way to do that. Just keep in mind that you can't LinkSummon Almiraj with Bringing if you activate Elborz, so save your FieldSpell until after you've returned Bringing to the field.

There are plenty of different ways to build this deck. I've stacked theExtra Deck with cards that either give you another way to Summon or let youconsolidate your big birds into a Rank 8. If you can land a monster on thefield that negates monster effects alongside Simorgh of Darkness you'll bein a great spot moving forward. That said, you could choose to play Level 1Winged Beast extenders to access Lyrilusc - Recital Starling. Its effectcan nab copies of Beginnings or D.D. Crow, and combined with the newHraesvelgr, the Desperate Doom Eagle you'll have insane graveyard control.

Fortunately this deck can play Harpie's Feather Storm andactivateit from the hand if you Link Summon Harpie Conductor. Feather Storm'sperhaps the best card in the game that's still somehow unplayable, and ifyou manage to resolve it you'll probably cost your opponent their entireturn. It's definitely a card you'll want three copies of when you'replaying first, but I'm only including two here to balance out itsineffectiveness when playing second. I'd always keep a playset somewherebetween the Main and Side Deck.

Speaking of monster negation – Effect Veiler and Infinite Impermanencegreatly complement any set-up with Simorgh of Darkness. It's difficult tofit them into this build, but they're worth considering over Ash Blossomdepending on the composition of your local metagames. Gusto Griffin and theSpeedroid engine could be easily swapped out for hand traps and sidedcards. Of course, if you're siding Anti-Spell Fragrance you might want totry siding Dark Simorgh too. Its synergies with the rest of the deck arelimited, but the old-school combo never fails to make spell-heavy themesweep.

Simorghs are a great pick if you're looking to build a fresh budgetstrategy. Just about everything you need is in Rising Rampage, andthere are a couple of Links worth picking up inBattles of Legend: Hero's Revenge. I get the feeling Elborz inparticular will end up seeing play in other Wind Winged Beast strategies inthe future. It's almost functional in Blackwings, and I'd be lying if Isaid I hadn't been trying to cram it into a non-Guardragon version ofDragunity.

Until next time then


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