Sure, I've tried to put Pilica, Descendent of Gusto in just about every deck, including a Gagaga deck, but most creations failed like a Mystical Space Typhoon negating a Dark Hole. So while you'll have to wait another week for more Pilicia Chronicles, I'll tickle your fancy with Yuma's signature magician from the TV show.

Unless you're a diehard fan of card games on motorcycles and have followed the anime from day one, you probably couldn't name more than a handful of cards from each protagonist's deck. Hopefully, you'll at least remember that Yugi had Dark Magician; Jaden had Elemental Hero Neos; Yusei controlled Stardust Dragon; and the ten-year-old Yuma proudly used Number 39: Utopia. I'll bet that most people didn't know that Yuma also had Cardcar D, Kagetokage and today's featured star – Gagaga Magician.

DECKID=100534Until we in the TCG are graced with Gagaga Sister, it's going to be hard to build a "pure" Gagaga deck to maximize the power of cards like Gagagadraw. But if you've stuck with me this long on my articles, you'll know that you'll rarely see me make a one trick pony deck. On a bad day it's at least a six trick pony, and sure enough this deck is a weird Frankenstein-pony thing like most of the rest.

It's the deck version of the OCG's card art for Gimmick Puppet Shadow Feeler.

These Cards May Be Bad But They're Perfectly Good At It
If you look at my Xyz Prophecy deck update, then you'll see that I was thrilled when Gagaga Academy Emergency Network was printed. I'm no longer dependent on Summoner Monk for an early game Xyz Summon, and outside of Emergency Network clashing with Spellbook Library of the Crescent, it was a perfect addition to the deck. As you can probably imagine it's a great addition to Gagagas as well.

As long as you don't control any monsters and your opponent does, Emergency Network acts like an Onslaught of the Fire Kings. But instead of Special Summoning Fire King High Avatar Garunix – read that as Flaming Chicken Bomb if you're cool like I am – you can bring out either Gagaga Magician, Gagaga Girl or Gagaga Child from your deck. I decided to omit lesser cards like Gagaga Guard due to lack of space; I like Gagaga Caesar, but I never found it super helpful. I think Caesar's best used when you're bereft of Gagaga Magician.

The ability to snag a menagerie of monsters from your deck comes with a nasty downside: the turn you activate it, you can't make other Special Summons aside from Xyz Summons. That's for the entire turn: both after you activate Emergency Network, and before. It's a heavy price to pay, especially when you're already tied down by the requirement of controlling no monsters at point of activation. Thus in some situations, Emergency Network will be a godsend; in others, it can be dead weight in your hand.

But in the end, it's worth playing because you direly need Gagaga Magician, the Spellcaster that does what it wants and doesn't care what you think. Once per turn, you can change its Level to anything you want between Levels 1 and 8. If you don't know where I'm going with this, then I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. The Xyz Gagaga trend started with Gagaga Magician and allows to you Xyz Summon virtually any Rank 1through 8 monster in your Extra Deck when the Gagagas work in tandem.

#####CARDID= 9564 #####

Gagaga Magician's the main Spellcaster in those Xyz formulas, while Gagaga Girl and Gagaga Child act as support monsters. Gagaga Girl mimics the Level of one Gagaga monster on the field for a quick Xyz Summon, while Child has a similar effect and can actually Special Summon itself from your hand to make your Xyz Summons even faster. Child's Special Summon ability conflicts with Emergency Network, and I wouldn't be doing the card justice if I promised you greatness from nothing.

Remember how you're restricted to Xyz Summons only the turn you play Academy Network? Gagaga Child's really only useful manipulating its Level to mimic that of the constantly changing Gagaga Magician. To maximize the Child's power, you'll have to Normal Summon your Gagaga Magician or simply revive it from the Graveyard so Child's Special Summon can work.

Xyz In The Air, I Don't Care, I Like The Sound of It
If I didn't make my point already, let me emphasize again that Gagaga Magician's the cornerstone of this deck. It's your bread and butter, your Mary Sue. In testing I found that the faster you could Summon Magician and the faster you could make it recurrent, your chances of victory skyrocketed. Even if its effect is negated, Magician still serves as a Level 4 monster. The only time you're forced to make a "bad" Xyz Summon with this deck is when you have to overlay Gagaga Girl and Gagaga Child. But even then, who doesn't like Ghostrick Alucard?

Back to Gagaga Magician and its supporting cast. Of course I couldn't include every Gagaga card here and make an effective deck; I had to integrate other popular Xyz support cards, and I know I'm not alone in this when I say I'm absolutely in love with Star Drawing. Special Summon a Gagaga Magician from your deck or graveyard and then Normal Summon Star Drawing and you can make any Rank 4 or Rank 5. Not only do you have tons of options to choose from, but you'll get to draw a card if your Xyz monster hits the field successfully.

But if you're feeling a Rank 6, then I included the powerful Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit to make Constellar Ptolemy M7, Gauntlet Launcher and Photon Strike Bounzer, three of my favorite Xyz. The more you can use Gagaga Magician with Star Drawing and Tefnuit, the more you can punish your opponent, push for damage and possibly draw cards all at the same time.

Since I included the Equip Spell Gagagarevenge to bring back your Gagagas, I'd typically reserve Call Of The Haunted for your Star Drawings and Tefnuits, but of course you're free to mix and match all over the place for whatever situation seems optimal.

Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Norito Will Save Me
If you're as observant as I think you are, then you probably noticed the miniature Artifact engine in here, a nine-card lineup that's been popularized in the notorious HAT deck but that's actually more splashable than a Magikarp. I'll give you the skinny on those cards. The trap card Artifact Sanctum Special Summons any Artifact from your deck, whether it be Artfact Moralltach or Artifact Beagalltach. When you Special Summon Moralltach on your opponent's turn it destroys an opposing face-up card without targeting, while Beagalltach can destroy your own cards and trigger a set Artifact Moralltach in the process. And of course, there's the popular Artifact Ignition that destroys spell and traps just to replenish your backrow with Artifacts. Oh boy.

Yes, if you're returning to the game, then you're right in thinking that some cards are just getting ridiculously powerful. It's evil yet satisfying when your opponent kills your set Sanctum or set Artifact monsters on their turn, because you get to punish them with virtually arbitrary effects. By the way, Moralltach also gets its effect off Call Of The Haunted, as long as you activate it on your opponent's turn.

To be honest, I didn't decide to include these cards here for their sheer power, but because they have the perfect Attribute and Level for this deck. Originally I was playing Cyber Dragon; it was a Light monster and you could Special Summon it to use it for a Rank 5 Xyz Summon. I was using it chiefly for Xyz fodder but unlike other Xyz support – like Summoner Monk and Kagetokage – it could also stand alone as a solid attacker. Call the Artifacts overpowered all you want, but they're effectively free Level 5 Lights that overlay perfectly with Star Drawing or Gagaga Magician. They're exactly what we need here.

Why's the Light Attribute important, you ask? For your Chaos monsters, of course! Not only does Chaos Sorcerer act as a powerful standalone card to banish pesky threats like Mermail Abysslinde, Ice Hand and Stardust Dragon, but it's a Level 6 Spellcaster as well. You can overlay it with Tefnuit or Gagaga Magiain for any of the previously mentioned Xyz, or you can pair it with Magician specifically to bring out the biggest and baddest Spellcaster Xyz of them all: Norito the Moral Leader.

#####CARDID= 12710 #####

I keep meaning to ask Franco Ferrera why Norito's named and dressed the way it is, but in the meantime I'll be negating as many spells and traps as possible. Since Chaos Sorcerer and Gagaga Magician are Level 6 Spellcasters, this deck is one of the few that can bring out Norito efficiently. Of course, you can always make Norito with any feasible pairing of the Gagaga monsters, but Chaos Sorcerer can act like another member of the Gagaga family in effect while likewise being an amazing card on its own.

I personally hate Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning, but it's just so dang good I couldn't justify skipping it. It steals games like Doug steals Cheerios and proved to be a necessary evil. Gagaga Magician's Level increase caps out at Level 8, so you can always overlay it with Black Luster Soldier just for fun as well.

Gagagagaga Come On, Come On, Come On
At the end of the day this is chiefly a Gagaga Xyz deck, but I didn't push my Xyz Summons into Overdrive like a Monster Mash deck might. Considering Black Horn of Heaven and Traptrix Trap Hole are so popular right now, I didn't want to make every play a two-card Xyz investment that could create minuses of card economy. That kind of concept could end only in sadness. On the bright side, cards like Artifact Moralltach and Wiretap should be able to destroy threats like Solemn Warning or Thunder King Rai-Oh to allow your Xyz Summons. Hell, your stupid Tefnuit's going to bait out half of the Black Horns your opponent will play, especially early in the game.

As you play this deck and get a feel for how it works, you'll find that you have so many ways to Special Summon and revive monsters that a big Xyz is always just a short step away. For example, if you open with a Gagaga Magician, you'll have to use your Emergency Network and bring out Gagaga Girl instead. I say this truly: every duel will be adventurous and different. After all, Mind Control becomes your MVP thanks to Gagaga Magician. Steal any big monster and you have an Xyz Summon right there. Gagaga Magician and any Dragon Ruler could become a Number 11: Big Eye, or a set Geargiarmor could turn into nothing more than fodder for Number 101: Silent Honor ARK.

If you're looking to make this deck more affordable, then by all means you can omit Pot of Dichotomy. The spell's finally living up to the potential I've been raving about since it was released in Shadow Specters, but by no means is it necessary for this deck to function. That said, who doesn't want to recycle an Artifact, a Gagaga monster and an Xyz and draw cards for a +1 in the process? Since you're forced to cover a wide range of Xyz Ranks, you don't have space to play duplicates in your Extra Deck. Dichotomy lets you reuse stuff like Evilswarm Exciton Knight or Number 61: Volcasaurus to kick your opponent while he's down.

Just remember, beat your opponent before they beat you.

-Loukas Peterson