Don't get me wrong: I really like taking other people's creations and putting a creative spin on them in some chimera-esque hybrid of collaborative goodness in my Rerouting deck fixes, but every now and then I still get a strong case of crazy. I fondly remember this deck, turning a single Terrortop into 14,000 damage and three draws.

Point being, with all the ridiculous iterations and combos one could possibly string together and loosely call "a deck," you'd be surprised just how many viable strategies are to be found. One could even say they're under the radar, and today I want to show you one that I've been toying with just recently.

DECKID=107100Doug "The Spongebob Historian I Know" Zeeff likes to remind me that I can't spell or remember card names, but in my defense, "Crystron" doesn't flow off the tongue as well as "Cryston." My point is that I angrily couldn't find that theme on the Card Database for five minutes because I insisted that the monsters were named "Cryston."

Despite the synergy that exists within the Crystron theme, they're kind of hard to describe succinctly. The Main Deck monsters, Extra Deck, and traps can be loosely described as a deck that Synchro Summons big monsters, often on your opponent's turn or inadvertently by banishing cards. With twelve cards recently released, there's a lot to absorb, so I'd recommend reading up on the cards before continuing instead of me typing out all the descriptions. In short we have four Crystron Tuners, three Synchros, two on-theme traps, and a partridge in a pear tree.

The Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Crystron Tuners each summon a non-Tuner from your hand, graveyard, or removed zone respectively, and then Synchro Summon a Machine for effectively the cost of one card. The non-Tuners have effects that net you cards when you banish them from the graveyard, and if you coordinate which Tuners and which non-Tuners go to which zone in what order, you'll have a constant stream of resources. If you haven't read the cards yourself that may sound vague, but I'd rather not beat you over the head ad nauseum with enough digital ink to sink a boat.

A digital boat.

But because I'm crazy, I wanted to cram as many weird cards into this deck as possible, as you can see by the Machina… and, well, the rest of it. I started off using Scrap Recycler, but once Machina Fortress found its way into the deck, I was more than happy to have an extra Machine in my hand as fodder for my big bad Machine! Genex Undine yards Crystrons and gets you that Genex Controller, setting you up for the following turn.

And of course my stupid ideas kept snowballing - Mermail Abysspike searches Genex Undine, while Mermail Abyssteus searches Abysspike and it acts as a Level 7 monster for the unexpected Number 11: Big Eye or Red-Eyes Metal Flare Dragon. Genex Undine supports Rank 3's, Mermail Abyssteus is a stepping stone to Toadally Awesome, and I'm quickly approaching more themes in this thing than my Destiny Diva Zombie Plants.

Not-So-Intuitive Marriage
Crystron Citree is by far my favorite Crystron - with the sheer number of Level 7 monsters that'll inevitably find their way into your graveyard, Level 9 Synchros come easy on your opponent's turn. Obviously Crystron Phoenix is a great threat in the first game of a match to catch your opponent off-guard, but I like Cloudcastle just as much. It can shut down your opponent temporarily, revives Crystron Phoenix, and leads to Enterblathnir on your turn.

Crystron Smiger, Crystron Thystvern, and Crystron Prasiortle are superb non-Tuners, either searching Crystron cards from your deck or fielding necessary Cryston monsters for Synchro Summons. Whether they end up yarded with Machina Fortress or Genex Undine doesn't matter - they'll either be food to banish, or proactive pathways to free cards in the following turns.

Surprisingly, the mash-up of different themes sees them each serve a primary purpose while filling the gap another one leaves. The Crystron Tuners obviously feed into Synchro Summons, but a rogue Cryston Citree produces a big Crystron Phoenix if you have a not-so-useful Machina Fortress in your graveyard. A subpar Crystron monster in your hand immediately becomes food for Mermail Abyssteus, Mermail Abysspike, or Machina Fortress if you need to make an aggressive push for damage or end with a Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon.

#####CARDID= 20899#####

Things only mesh better the further you go down the rabbit hole. The seemingly random Mermail Abyssdine turns your Undine into Leviair the Sea Dragon to get back a precious Crystron Tuner, and Aqua Spirit fuels Cryston Impact faster while giving access to Toadally Awesome. I had so much fun playing the deck because you're constantly discovering new things to do.

No disrespect to combo decks like Shooting Quasar Dragon or linear strategies like Heroes, but playing a deck like that – a deck that's optimized to do one thing and one thing only – can be disenchanting. But with a deck like this, packing three strategies in all at once, every duel's different. Crystrons are awesome as a pure strategy, but they work really well when they're squeezed into a bunch of different decks.

Just remember, beat your opponents before they beat you!

-Loukas Peterson

Loukas "#spellberks4lyfe" Peterson lives in Madison, Wisconsin where he's earned the honor of Employee of the Century at his basket-weaving job. When he's not getting lost walking to the grocery store, his days are spent shaking his fist in the direction of Konami's North American headquarters demanding Fabled support or an archetype based around rainbow flags. In his spare time, Loukas dresses up as various road signs around his neighborhood, intentionally spelling things wrong to confuse drivers.

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