I initially wanted to do yet another Fabled profile when Dragons of Legends hit shelves a few months ago, but I reasoned that no one would want to see yet another deck that was nearly a carbon copy of an earlier version with a minor change like, "-3 somethings, +3 Soul Charge." The updated TCG Forbidden and Limited List, for some unknown reason, is allowing us to max out on our Soul Charges come July 14.

I'll only touch on the F&L list briefly because… it doesn't really have much of an impact. Frankly there's little to discuss. It only hit one card, Geargiagear, and actually gave new life to a ton of other cards. I'm only mentioning this because you don't have to worry about much change for Fableds in the new format next week! You get to keep your Pot of Dichotomy and Soul Charge around for another few months. Maybe in the fall we can start hoping for Reborn Tengu to come back.

I mean, if Goyo Guardian is finally back to one, what else might happen?

DECKID=100606Unless a deck is themed around a particular named archetype, it's generally given a creative name, often an acronym. Fire and Ice Hand, the Traptrix sisters and the Artifact family teamed up for HAT, which is a silly name if you ask me. I'm still using the A for Artifacts, but I think you'll have a lot of fun with this FAP deck if you just give it a shot.

FAP. You know, Fabled Artifact Plants.

Look Mom, No Hands!
I highly doubt your mom would want to see you using Fabled Artifact Plants, but it's a deck that doesn't get a huge boost from Fire Hand and Ice Hand. Sure, if you'd really like to, then go ahead and pair two or even three copies of each card with a beaucoup of other archetypes. Be my guest. Too often I'd reserve a Normal Summon for something that's more cohesive with the deck. Besides, good players can out-maneuver the Hands anyways.

The four-card investment won't give you the stability you're looking for, that the Hands normally provide. So many decks are littered with 15-20 traps these days that sometimes you have to quit while you're behind. You'll waste too much effort trying to out-counter your opponent's counters that a majority of defensive cards becomes moot. Why bother with a few traps when Geargia players are packing Seven Tools of the Bandit, Wiretap and Mystical Space Typhoon?

However, I think the Artifacts are a sly offense that pretend to be a defense. Or vice versa. Or something. My point is, the Artifact cards can be set in the back row but don't automatically loose to the plethora of spell and trap destruction. Now that the price of Artifact Sanctum, Artifact Ignition and Artifact Moralltech have plummeted like my hopes for Ghostrick Hieratics plummeted and triplicates of those now cost a third what they initially cost. Unlike using the Artifacts in a boring HAT deck, you can use them here in Fabled! Why is that so good?

Similar to how I used them in my Gagaga Chaos deck, Moralltach and Beagalltach are more valuable for their bodies than for their effects per se. The Tricky, Cyber Dragon and Ghost Ship are also Level 5 monsters that make for beefy attackers, as well as Synchro and Xyz fodder, but in my experience the Artifacts edge them out by a hair because they're applicable as defensive cards as well. Don't get me wrong; I love making Arcanite Magician with The Fabled Cerburrel and The Tricky, but a well timed Artifact Moralltach can provide you with a big body and pop a threatening card at the same time.

#####CARDID= 16117#####

But let me back up and reiterate that the previously mentioned alternatives are good in their own right. I'm not as big of a budget player as Zach Buckley and his More Bang For Your Buck articles, but those cards (Solar Wind Jammer and Instant Fusion, I suppose) can work out just as well in the end, and they aren't nearly as bad to draw. At the end of the day, all of them have merit and nicely fill one third of the requirements for Pot of Dichotomy.

Let It Grow! Let It Grow! Can't Weed It Out Anymore!
And then there's the Plants. Without Reborn Tengu and Glow-Up Bulb the miniature Plant engine isn't truly firing on all cylinders, but I really like Dandylion and Spore. Doppelwarrior's a favorite of mine in the Junk Warrior version, and Dandylion's similar, giving you two Level 1 Fluff Tokens when it leaves the field. Of course, Dandylion's about eight times better and is Limited for a reason.

Soul Charge and Dandylion are new best friends, and Lonefire brings out both Spore and Dandylion for some amazing Synchro parties. Ancient Sacred Wyvern, The Fabled Unicore and Fabled Ragin all have specific requirements for Synchro Materials, but take a look at just about every other card in the Extra Deck, and then check out the Main Deck! It's a giant pile of mix and match, and for the veteran Plant (and Fabled duelist), that's absolutely perfect! Thanks to Spore's special revival ability, you essentially have access to Level 1 through Level 5 Tuners and non-Tuners. Anything you want to make is at your fingertips. Take virtually any handful of monsters and a Soul Charge and you have an instant Shooting Quasar Dragon.

Well, not exactly instant. "Instant" in the sense that microwave oatmeal is instant.

Go ahead and laugh at Evil Thorn; you probably should. I was running across the billions of potential targets for Lonefire Blossom, and the Pretty Princess Patrol alongside the Sylvan monsters take the cake for best targets for Lonefire. Gigaplant is a strong contender and Mystic Macrocarpa Seed has a singular goal of making Shooting Quasar Dragon, but Evil Thorn's similar to Doppelwarrior and Dandylion. You can pop off one to bring out up to two more from the deck, and since they're both Level 1 monsters it's like two free tokens at your disposal. If you've already gutted your deck with all the other Plant monsters, a Lonefire Blossom off a Soul Charge still has plays. You'll take 300 Life Points from your opponent as well.

What's The Crux Of The Deck?
Tour Guide From the Underworld is finally back at three, and while it isn't nearly what it used to be, I think it's a must in most Fabled decks. Fabled Kushano's a hidden gem – since you can toss it into the Graveyard so easily with Tour Guide, it'll provide a steady discard outlet for the entirety of the game. Kushano's effect is easy: for the simply cost of discarding a card from your hand, Kushano and the discarded card trade places. Fortunately for you, Fabled Krus, The Fabled Ganashia and The Fabled Cerburrel trigger off Kushano's effect, so something else will get Special Summoned as well.

Follow that up and Normal Summon your Kushano and it's a free Synchro Summon. I can't tell you how many times I've pitched Fabled Krus, revived Fabled Grimro, Normal Summon Fabled Kushano and used Black Rose Dragon to wipe the field, or Summoned Ancient Sacred Wyvern to punish my opponent for taking just those few Life Points off Solemn Warning. If you have an Artifact on the field, then your Kushano will make you a Level 8 Synchro. If you're really gutsy like my friend John, then maybe you can even work all the way up to a Level 10 Fabled Leviathan.

#####CARDID= 15415#####

Of course, some of the best plays are the staple moves that veteran Fabled players have been making for years. New Xyz are being printed every day to bolster the strength of the Extra Deck, though each of the new good cards ushers out one of the older ones. Artifact Durendal is just one of those cards that I fell in love with at first sight; it squeezed its way right into my heart. Don't think about that metaphor, just go with it.

The Rank 5 Durendal's really easy to Summon in this deck thanks to the Artifact Effect Monsters and your easy access to Level 5 Synchros, and in case you've drawn any of your Artifact monsters, Durendal turns any effect your opponent tries for into an free Summon for you. It's not perfect negation, but it gets the job done, especially when it turns your opponent's effects back around on them. The Artifact monsters have to be detroyed by an opponent's card effect to work, and Durendal's ability doesn't actually destroy your set Artifacts: it makes your opponent's cards do the heavy lifting. It's similar to the Dark World trap Dark Deal, really putting a damper on your opponent's plays.

I'd love to cram everything in here that I could, but I guess that'll have to wait for a different day. Just know that all your opponent's Mystical Space Typhoons and Seven Tools of the Bandit will be beyond dead against you when you use FAP.

Just remember, beat your opponents before they beat you.

-Loukas Peterson