Prank-Kids may have just been released, but they're oozing with serious andsilly strategies. Throw in some Frogs and you might just have a seriousthreat!

I would say that as a person I'm not naturally antagonistic, but that wouldmake anyone that's spent any real time with me roll their eyes and curseunder their breath. Let's put it this way: I'm not often described as NOTannoying.

With that in mind it only makes sense that I'd be drawn to silly decks thataggravate opponents to death on their way to victory. And Prank-Kids areuniquely positioned in that regard, since they're extremely campy whilealso quite strong in their own right. They also mesh really well with otherstrategies.

The four Prank-Kids, the… small… babies... ? The "fragile ones" are thedefinition of free monsters. Whenever you use them for the Link Summon orFusion Summon of a Prank-Kids monster you'll net a nominal effect and thenfield a different Prank-Kid. The Link and Fusion monsters have effects thateither recover your resources or destroy your opponent's cards, ultimatelymaking them the gift that keeps on giving.

In the end the cards are simplistic and straightforward in their baseeffects, but their interactions can get totally wicked crazy. Take a lookat my build below, including Prank-Kids Rocksies, fresh from theSoul Fusion Special Edition!

DECKID=109411 Even though the theme has proprietary Fusion Summoning techniques withPrank-Kids Pandemonium, Polymerization's still important for redundancy andconsistency. Unless we get way more Prank-Kids to embellish the currentpool of cards, every card in the theme is going to be valuable movingforward, even if some of them are keyed toward more niche situations thanothers.

I'm gearing my build a little more towards budget players today, since theentire theme is already largely on the cheaper side. In fact, most of thedeck's total cost is owed to Prank-Kids Place, so it's a great deck for allthe budget players out there.

Fuse 'Em Or Lose 'Em
Whenever a new theme's released, it can be a bit overwhelming to siftthrough all the cards to try and see what's best, what works, and whatcards you need to run in what quantities; everything's a black box ofmystery unless you've been eagerly awaiting the release and scouted the OCGversion. But that sort of confusion's pretty minimal with Prank-Kids:you'll need to max out all your Prank-Kids monsters in the Main Deck, andconsider this simple combo to get your head thinking Pranks.

Fuse together Prank-Kids Dropsies and Prank-Kids Fansies for Prank-KidsRocket Ride. Doing that triggers the two Prank-Kids monsters to SpecialSummon Prank-Kids Rocksies and Prank-Kids Lampsies. Tribute Prank-KidsRocket Ride to revive Prank-Kids Dropsies and Prank-Kids Fansies, then LinkSummon Prank-Kids Dodo-Doodle-Doo with Prank-Kids Rocksies and Prank-KidsLampsies, triggering both of their effects to summon more Prank-Kids fromyour deck.

Prank-Kids Dodo-Doodle-Doo searches a Prank-Kids Spell or Trap card, andyou'll end with a total of 5 Prank-Kids on field including the Linkmonster! The small Prank-Kids monsters have effects to draw cards, burnyour opponent and gain Life Points, but that's a bonus on top of the giantswath of monsters you'll field without even using your NormalSummon. Kinda nutty.

That's the springboard for most of your Prank-Kids plays, but by varyingthe Types and Attributes involved you can splinter your final fields intomany different setups. I'll talk a bit more about some spice later on, butfor now I want to focus on how the Prank-Kids fit together as a cohesivetheme.

I don't know if I'd consider Prank-Kids the wave of the future, but thedeck can dish out some massive damage, especially with Prank-KidsPandemonium and Prank-Kids Battle Butler with a staggering 3000 ATK.

#####CARDID= 24571 #####

That combo I mentioned is one of the easiest and most simplistic becauseall you need to make it happen is two Prank-Kids monsters – ideally withdifferent names – and some way to fuse them. But add in just a few moretwists and you can keep the momentum going even further.

Remember though that in the spotlight play, it's not as seamless to revivea fallen Prank-Kids Link monster with Prank-Kids Rocket Ride: getting thePrank-Kids Link into the graveyard obviously needs previously fieldedPrank-Kids monsters. Both Prank-Kids Pranks and Instant Fusion can getextra Prank-Kids on the table for you, letting you change the order of yourPrank-Kids summons and helping you get to Prank-Kids Rip-Roaring-Roastermore easily on your opponent's turn via Prank-Kids Plan.

Thundery Dragony Doom
Thanks to the ridiculously easy requirements to field Thunder DragonColossus and even Thunder Dragon Titan, one could argue their inclusion inany deck that even thinks about using Thunder-types.Prank-Kids Fansies fits the bill, and since it's so easy to play, yourNormal Summon of all things is still miraculously free on your way tofielding Thunder Dragon Colossus.

That being said, I don't want to focus on too many Thunder Dragon cardsbecause they represent a slippery slope for consistency and deck space. Onecould argue that you'd only strengthen the deck, and they wouldn't becompletely wrong, but consider that the first combo I mentioned above needstwo Prank-Kids and a Polymerization. I wanted to run down the rabbit trailof Gold Sarcophagus and Thunder Dragon Fusion, but I think a more narrowsuite of cards gives you the Thunder Dragon Colossus option without forcingit.

Beyond that, Thunder Dragon Colossus isn't a small monetary investment, andit's a lot to ask for someone to have multiple copies. Toadally Awesome'ssort of a similar boss monster that's infinitely less expensive on thesecondary market; a Rank 2 that's cheaper than even Prank-Kids' Place. Toreally leverage Thunder Dragon Colossus you'll need at least two copies andseveral Thunder Dragondarks as well as other Thunder Dragons, too.

Like Thunder Dragon Colossus, you can put yourself in position to summonToadally Awesome without using your Normal Summon. By yarding twoPrank-Kids… children… babies? Nomenclature for the Main Deck Prank-Kidsmonsters aside, getting two of them to the graveyard except Prank-KidsDropsies unleashes two Dropsies themselves, and bam, that's an instantToadally Awesome. Factor in the Link Monsters like Prank-KidsDodo-Doodle-Doo, and you'll easily Summon Toadally Awesome without eatingup your Extra Monster Zone.

#####CARDID= 24386 #####

And since you rarely need your Normal Summon, there's a serious case to bemade for multiple copies of Toadally Awesome at the mere cost of a few moreLevel 2 Aquas. I know I just hinted at the price you'd pay in deck spaceadding more Thunder Dragon cards for Colossus, but the Aqua monsters Iadded aren't dead weight after use.

Consider Swap Frog, the reliable amphibian you've grown to either love orhate. Alongside your Prank-Kids suite, you'll field Swap Frog, yardRonintoadin, and probably use Swap Frog for a larger Link Summon thatinadvertently fuels Toadally Awesome once you bring back Ronintoadin.

And while I might not have considered the influx of Frogs initially, theaddition of Prank-Kids Rocksies means fielding Prank-Kids Dropsies intriplicate is technically possible. Prank-Kids Fansies and Prank-KidsLampsies could always field the requirements for one Toadally Awesomepretty easily, but Rocksies combined with another Aqua in hand means twoToadally Awesomes at once!

However at the "price" of going Frog crazy, the deck's slightly skewedtowards leveraging certain options. Prank-Kids Pranks may not always be thebest card, but it's necessary to ensure that you'll have the correct numberof Prank-Kids monsters on the field. Once you start your Prank-Kidsmachine, it's hard to stop because everything fuels itself.

In the end, I opted just for Thunder Dragon because it's cheap and simpleand serves as fuel for Prank-Kids Rocksies. Rocksies needs to banish beforeyou draw, and if you've already triggered Thunder Dragon's effect to netmore copies, you'll have fluff to banish without worrying about losingresources.

Let me know what you think of that decision and the rest of the choices Imade in this build!

-Loukas Peterson

Loukas Peterson lives in Nashville, Tennessee, hoping one day to run in5th Congressional District on the platform of "Marshmallows forEveryone." When he's not submitting ideas for Fabled support and aFabled Link monster, you can find him building a bonfire in hisbackyard to attract the local wildlife for an audience with hisukulele. Hailed as the only person capable of cooking Minute Rice in 56seconds, Loukas is always looking at expanding his backyard to houseevery dog in the world without a home. Well, and those with homesalready.

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