For better or worse, Primal Origin and Dragons of Legend dramatically impacted Yu-Gi-Oh! and changed the competitive scene more than I ever anticipated. No shift in power has been so drastic since the release of Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy; heck, even Forbidden and Limited Lists have changed Yu-Gi-Oh! less than the last month has.

Last weekend at YCS Philadelphia, the new Traptrix Hand Artifact strategy took the tournament by storm and ripped through every other competitive deck to secure more spots in Top 32 than any other deck but Geargia. The new strategy doesn't have the same speed as Madolche with Madolche Anjelly, but when nearly every card you play destroys something and retains field presence, it's no surprise that the deck's so powerful.

I'll leave Joe Soto to dissect that newest powerhouse because I wanted to take a break from my recent incessant pattern of cramming every Dragons of Legend or Primal Origin card into my deck. I love Kuribandit, Soul Charge and the other goodies as much as the next duelist, but today I'll be looking back at one of my favorite creations from the past, so we can revamp it.

DECKID=100377I changed up the list quite a bit to adjust to the current state of the game, but the core aspects of my previous Squishy build are still intact. The Extra Deck might scare you away in price, but I kept the Main Deck to a reasonable budget for a fun and compelling strategy that'll make your opponent scratch their head and wonder what they just lost to. The best part is, if you don't like one small part of the build, there's a dozen substitutes you can play instead.

Dark Worlds? I'm Out Of Here
Don't despair in the presence of the Dark World monsters. I didn't design this deck to play solitaire in the same manner you'd do with the pure Artifact or Dark World archetypes. The Dark World support exists herein on account of the attribute and Levels of Snoww, Unlight of Dark World and Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World. Think of them as your cardboard slaves if that'll justify your using Dark World cards.

First and foremost, you want to yard both Snoww and Grapha as soon as possible so you can abuse them for the strange niche they fill. Armageddon Knight, Foolish Burial and DarkGrepher, especially when played in tandem with Summon Monk and the plethora of spells to discard, make a concise engine that sends just a few cards in your deck to the graveyard without devoting too much space to -1's and costly set-ups. Back in the days of DAD Return (be happy if that deck doesn't ring a bell in your memory), you'd care so little about hand presence and card advantage that you'd max out on those cards, but here you'll only use them to yard a handful of monsters. Also, they're good for Rank 4 support.

In the first version of Dark Squishy, I tried to include just about every Dark engine that I could. Now the game's different: the general pace of play is faster, and I tried to exclude the gimmicky strategies of the old version that detracted from consistency. Since I have three copies of NecroGardna in Ultimate Rare it pained me to omit that card, but I dropped it along with Phantom of Chaos and Sky Scourge Norealas to eliminate dead cards in hand.

By far my favorite thing about this deck are the powerful plays that only require one card investments. I mentioned earlier that I included Snoww in the deck, but not really to serve a Dark World strategy. Snoww's a Level 4 Dark Monster with 0 DEF, so both Masked Chameleon and Secret Sect Druid Dru can revive it for a Rank 4 or Level 8 Synchro play. Other than Snoww, the best monsters that meet the requirement for Druid and Chameleon are Tardy Orc and Archfiend Calvary, which add nothing else to the deck and don't aid in occasionally Summoning Grapha back to the field.

#####CARDID= 12772#####

Grapha's a Level 8 Dark, and when researching the other Level 8 Dark monsters, my search came up rather fruitless; none of them could be abused in a deck like this. Sure, Dark Horus was good, and who doesn't like the artwork on Tr-Horned Dragon, but they were effectively dead cards 100% of the time. I needed a Level 8 target so that The Dark Creator could make a cheap and easy Rank 8 Xyz, and none of the potential Xyz fodder really did anything special for me.

While rare, I found that in a worst case scenario, I could aways bounce Snoww with Grapha for a big Special Summon. Considering that Snoww would be yarded 99% of the time instead of being Normal Summoned, I decided that having a little less attack was worth the interaction with Grapha. You can revive Snoww with Druid Dru, bounce Snoww, and attack for even more than 4000 damage in a single turn.

Checkmate, Tardy Orc.

Get To The Chopper
From Kagetokage to Tin Goldfish, and Mythic Water Dragon to Photon Caesar, new Special Summon tricks have been released steadily since Xyz came to play. All these monsters exist only for Xyz support. I mean, sure, you could always attack first with your Kagetokage and Red Gadget before making Gear Gigant X just to hit your opponent for an extra 100 damage, but that isn't the primary purpose for these monsters. I should never say "only" because somebody, somewhere probably made up a silly strategy that does something besides Xyz with these cards. But I bet it can't beat my Ice Barrier OTK deck.

Schwarzschild Limit Dragon is like the Level 8 version of these monsters… or at least, it kind of is. There isn't a good monster that hops on the field and is, or at least masquerades as, a Level 8 monster for a quick Xyz Summon. I initially wanted to use Gagaga Magician and Premium Gold's Onslaught of the Gagagagas (or as some call it, Gagaga Academy Emergency Network), but that spell has a major restriction for a deck that uses Druid Dru, Masked Chameleon and The Dark Creator.

Emergency Network won't let you Special Summon outside of its own effect, so good luck trying to get a Level 8 on the field without Special Summoning it. Instead, you can Special Summon Schwarzschild Limit Dragon whenever your opponent has a monster with 2000 or more ATK. More often than not, your opponent will try to win the game with big beaters, and thus you'll be able to fulfill the requirements needed for Schwarzschild Limit Dragon.

But just in case, I threw in three copies of Trade-In, a card I should have included in my first draft of Dark Squishy. Not only does it fill up the graveyard for The Dark Creator, but it de-clogs your hand like a much-needed fresh breath of air. Additionally, you can bring it back with The Dark Creator for Xyz, and best of all, it's a Dragon. Why is that relevant?

Queen Dragon Djinn's an underrated card that can put yet another monster on your field in this swarm friendly deck. Consider this example. Special Summon The Dark Creator from your hand, and follow that up with a Secret Sect Druid to revive a Snoww and bounce that Dark World for Grapha. Follow up by using The Dark Creator's effect to revive any Level 4 monster to stack with Snoww for Queen Dragun Djinn! The Queen can revive your Schwarzschild Limit Dragon to give you over 9000 damage on board. If that doesn't kill your opponent, you can make a Rank 8 and still have your Dark Creator around for the following turn.

Late Games Are Best Games
I love this deck so much because you can easily put 8000 damage on board with The Dark Creator and Druid Dru, or play a more linear game with big Xyz and Synchros that only require one card investments. My only qualm with the deck is the slow start. Unlike Infernities where Summoning Armageddon Knight's just the first play of 64 consecutive plays that you'll make on Turn 1, you may be forced to end after the Normal Summoning your Knight and setting a trap or two. Even when you open with Trade-In or Summoner Monk and busy yourself with graveyard setup, you may end with just a King of the Feral Imps to search you a Masked Chameleon.

I've been one of the biggest advocates of Pot of Dichotomy since its release, and eight months after Shadow Specters was released, it's finally being used in a variety of decks. It's infinitely more restrictive than Pot of Avarice, but in Dark Squishy you don't need every battle phase to win. The Extra Deck was already so tight, I couldn't seem to justify multiple copies of Number 101: Silent Honor ARK and Evilswarm Exciton Knight. I'm even sad to say I had to cut things like Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, Lavalval Chain and Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk from the Extra Deck.

Remember how I said there's always changes you can make with this deck if you're unsatisfied? Ok, I didn't say that verbatim, but I probably fooled most of you. Shame on your for not fact checking. You can integrate the Ghostrick cards to provide a different type of defense, or if you hate everybody, you could transform this into a Dark World build with Lucent, Netherlord of Dark World and make Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree. Since everything in here's Dark, Main Decked Vanity's Emptiness protected by a Number 66: Key Beetle is almost unbeatable. If you want to add more Level 4 support, then Kagetokage may be the right card for you.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this deck without Soul Charge, Kuribandit, Fire Hand and Ice Hand, cards that you're probably sick of for the time being!

Just remember, beat your opponents before they beat you.

-Loukas Peterson