If you haven't read any of my articles on Forbidden & Limited Lists, let me clear the air - I love purging lists that shake up Yu-Gi-Oh! like a failed attempt to remove a sheet from a table of glassware. The past year for competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! was getting rather stale after more than twelve months of Duelist Alliance tyranny. Those decks will never be what they once were, but don't think people won't try to reclaim their former glory. The Regional and YCS tournaments right after any F&L list debuts often have the most diverse pool of decks – it's a window of opportunity for random decks to thrive before another format-crushing powerhouse emerges.

With YCS San Jose played under the old F/L list, we didn't get to see what would drastically change moving forward into the new format. I'd like to say that Majespecters and Kozmos will take the reigns moving forward, but Satellarknights, Yang Zings and other decks have just as much potential to win events. While things are still up in the air, I wanted to feature an old but good strategy…

DECKID=103756I'll be the first to admit - the deck looks like pure trailer trash. Any time you're building with Normal Monsters you better have a pretty good explanation for wasted filler. Outside of Genex Controller, Sabersaurus and the Igknight cards, when was the last time people played Normal Monsters?

Notice the Mechanicalchaser – to date, it's the only card I've ever seen someone get stabbed over. 2004 was a weird time.

All Of These Things Are Not Like Each Other
We've all known and loved Rescue Rabbit - the adorable little spawn from hell that terrorized Yu-Gi-Oh! and made the deck known as Dino Rabbit into one of the best anti-meta strategies of all time. It's frustrating when an anti-meta deck's so good that it actually becomes the best deck of the format, but here we are three years later and Rescue Rabbit is now Limited to one. Could the card become Semi-Limited without ruining competition? Heck yeah, but that's a story for a different day.

Robo Rabbit's truly backed by Gear Gigant X, the Rank 4 that nets you free Machines from your deck or your graveyard. I absolutely love it, despite the fact that it was the most feared card in the entire format during its heyday. You can abuse Gear Gigant X in Gadgets, KMP and just about any other strategy involving Machines. Stack any two of your Level 4 Machines and bam, instant free card from your deck. Like Geargia, Robo Rabbit hinges on Gear Gigant X to really get your plays going.

But where it differs here is your abuse of Normal Monsters. In a dedicated Geargia deck, you're pretty dependent on Geargiarmor and Geargiaccelerator. And for good reason – those cards earn you so much card advantage it's disgusting, and you'll often overwhelm your opponent with sheer numbers before they get a chance to do anything. But instead of setting Geargiarmor and hoping for the best, this deck makes Gear Gigant X more proactively to get the party going.

How does it do that with only one Rescue Rabbit? Yeah - that's a huge pain to not have more than one copy of your best card, but there's been some recent Normal Monster support and that's what made me revisit the deck. Unexpected Dai's phenomenal, giving you a free Normal Monster straight from your deck; the new Painful Decision spell thins your deck and also gives you a Normal of your choosing. Toss in Dark Factory of Mass Production and you'll recover the resources you burn for your expensive Xyz Summons. And that's great, but two other cards are even better.

#####CARDID= 10902 #####

Tin Goldfish is pivotal to your success because it makes a Gear Gigant X instantly. Normal Summon Tin Goldfish, throw down a Machine from your hand and make Gear Gigant X to net a free search. It's fast and balances out your card economy in the long run. That said, the deck wouldn't be good enough without one final card: Faustian Bargain. You can do more than simply make Rank 4 monsters, right?

At first glance Faustian Bargain looks pretty mediocre – you need a Normal Monster in hand and on top of that it's a lame 1-for-1 removal, burning a Faustian Bargain just to kill one threat. Looking at all the cards so far, it seems underwhelming. But tie them all together and you actually have a well oiled machine – pun intended – that searches, yards and recycles monsters while making Rank 4's and depleting your opponent's resources. What you lose in giving up the security of Geargia, you gain in versatility and removal with the Normal Monster suite.

Cool, So Bad Rank 4's?
Not so fast – it may be true that without Evilswarm Excition Knight and Lavalval Chain, Rank 4's are a bit underwhelming in the face of Kozmos, but any deck packing Gear Gigant X has a ton of options and combos that go along with it. You can search the Level 4 Speedroid Menko to prevent OTK's, or you can search Black Salvo for an unexpected Clear Wing Synchro Dragon. You can also get back Tin Goldfish, and since you recover so many monsters Faustian Bargain will always be live.

But that's just what I'm playing. You can easily run the Speedroid forces, most importantly Speedroid Terrortop, and make an easy Leviair the Sea Dragon to recycle Rescue Rabbit. Want to splash some Karakuri shenanigans? Sure, sounds fine to me, even if it's just a few Tuners to broaden your OTK's. You can always toss in a small Geargia suite or it you fancy it, some Machinas. I just chose one of the many possiblesdirections you could take this deck in, but regardless of how you choose to run it, there's one monster that should probably be in your Side Deck.

Cyber Dragon Core, of course! Without problem solving card text, I couldn't tell at first if Faustian Bargain targeted a monster, but let me tell you how upset I was when I confirmed it did, and thus couldn't take down Kozmo Dark Destroyer and Kozmo Foreruner. Cyber Dragon Core's the next best thing because it's searchable by Gear Gigant X, and it wipes the floor with Dark Destroyer and Forerunner to get you a free Chimeratech Fortress Dragon with 2000 ATK. If you can't tell, I'm really amped about a chance to use Gear Gigant X to fan out your deck and say "Gee, I need this card right now."

Picking Up The Slack
Of course, you don't have to limit your monster choices strictly to clunky Machines. Traptrix Myrmeleo searches a range of cards that can cripple some of the most popular decks of today, while Instant Fusion makes a quick and cheap Rank 4 through Elder Entity Norden. Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning can end the game by itself right then and there, and your deep trap lineup will keep you in the game when your Rank 4's aren't doing what they should.

Dragong's probably the biggest card of note. While it's not a Light or Dark to facilitate the Chaos monsters, I chose to run Dragong over Chaos Sorcerer given Dragong's synergy with Wavering Eyes. Now that we'll see a rise of Pendulum Monsters with Evilswarm Exciton Knight Forbidden, you'll have to counter your opponent's evil in some way. Wavering Eyes completely wrecks your opponent's Pendulum scale and gives you a card in the process. All I'm saying is who doesn't want a free card? And if you use Dragong for an Xyz Summon, it'll hit the yard and become a live choice for Dark Factory of Mass Production.

The sky's the limit over the next few weeks, and if you have a good gameplan anything can win. Kozmo's definitely this deck's biggest weakness, but with Dark Trap Hole' rel="https://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/WP-CH.asp?CN=Deep Dark Trap Hole">Deep Dark Trap Hole and Traptrix Myrmeleo to search it, plus a searchable Cyber Dragon Core as another out to Kozmo Dark Destroyer, I think you'll be safe. I mean, that's half the reason I included Speedroid Menko. It's a searchable answer to OTK's and a Level 4 monster to make more Gigants.

Just remember, beat your opponents before they beat you.

-Loukas Peterson

Loukas Peterson moved back to the cold and desolate North to fulfill his dream as a popsicle in Madison, Wisconsin. When he's not playing Spellbooks, his days are spent shaking his fist in the direction of Konami's North American headquarters requesting new Fabled support. In his spare time, Loukas enjoys cooking Minute Rice in 57 seconds, painting with all the colors of the wind and pretending his Etsy account is something to write home about. His favorite joke is "I play Evilswarm because I want to have fun!"

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