Since Secret Slayers released in April, Eldlich the Golden Lord and Adamancipator Researcher have been touted as the strongest decks in Yu-Gi-Oh today. But every king eventually falls, and that's what today's video is all about!

With the four most competitive strategies roughly being Edlich, Adamancipator, Salamangreat and Dragon Link, today we're looking beyond the decks-to-beat to see what strategies can take them down. Some of these decks are perfect if you're playing on a budget; Subterror Guru or Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss are great cost-effective choices to compete with the top decks. For more strategies, check out Leon's advice to see which decks you could be playing right now!

Cyber Dragon's still one of the best rogue decks going. As a going-second strategy it's got awesome potential to bulldoze through your opponents' plans, and summoning Cyber Dragon Infinity is a death knell for many opponents thanks to its omni-negates and ability to snatch your opponents' monsters. If Leon didn't cover your favorite underrated deck today, let him know in the comments and maybe TheCaliEffect will play your deck next week!