There's an old saying in Yu-Gi-Oh: give a person a meta deck and they'll go 4-0 for a day, but teach a person to beat the meta with rogue and... and they'll probably go 2-2?  But they'll have fun! While players continue to discover which decks are the new heavy-hitters, there are already plenty of strategies that have benefited from the banlist update earlier this month, and you can pick them up and start playing them right now.

Today, Leon brings you the best underrated decks of September. It's time to search your binders, dig out those copies of ABC-Dragon Buster, and start surprising your opponents.

Almost all of the decks in today's video - not you, Adamancipators - are easy to build while you wait for new releases (or if you're like me, and you're waiting for more Sky Striker cards to come off the banlist). It's the perfect time to learn new strategies or pick up a few of the key cards that can stretch across different decks - stuff like Accesscode Talker and Infinite Impermanence, which can be a little more expensive but offer tons of utility.

If you think you have some killer tech that's under explored, let Leon know in the comment section of today's video and you might see your ideas show up in the next episode!