I know, two reanimator lists in about two weeks! But this one was really sweet, I promise. With Journey into Nyx being released this weekend on Magic Online, this should theoretically be the last week I end up playing a deck without the new set, unless of course everything is a million dollars upon being released and stays that way for an unreasonable amount of timeā€¦

Barring that though, I'll try and take a look at the Eidolon of Blossoms list that Tomoharu Saito posted last week. I actually played the deck at FNM and went 3-0-2 with it before losing in the Top 8 to my own misplay, so I definitely have some opinions on it and changes I think we can make.

Nevertheless, this article is about a reanimator list! Check it out.


The first thing you might notice about the deck (which actually slipped past us) is that it has 62 cards! What?! Yeah, not sure why that is, but it managed to go 4-0 in a Daily Event nevertheless. We actually played one match with the full 62, but after that I decided to cut two cards that I felt were being overdrawn considering our 22 land manabase (something I don't normally do) and record the rest of the matches. We'll talk more about which ones and why after the videos.

5C Reanimator vs. Monoblack Devotion

5C Reanimator vs. Azorius Control

5C Reanimator vs. Monoblue Devotion

5C Reanimator vs. BG Devotion

Despite only breaking even with the deck, I actually loved it. The amount of different synergies was unreal! From being able to play a Pharika's Mender to get back a Mnemonic Wall, then playing the Mnemonic Wall to get back an Obzedat's Aid, to getting back a Whip of Erebos with the Pharika's Mender, to getting back a Pharika's Mender and a Sylvan Primordial with an Angel of Serenity, to using Whip of Erebos on an Obzedat, Ghost Council...whew! The list seemed to go on and on. And the rabbit hole went even deeper after we added things like Auramancer from the Sideboard.

Trading Post was an interesting inclusion. While we boarded it out a good deal, it was a great discard outlet for our reanimation targets, as well as a way to actually keep a healthy life total against decks like burn. In fact as long as you can block or deal with some of their creatures, it's hard for them to deal with four life a turn; they eventually just run out of juice.

As I mentioned I ended up cutting two cards after the first match. The cards I cut were one Sylvan Primordial and one Elspeth, Sun's Champion. I didn't really want to, but here's the facts: the deck has a mere 22 lands and 62 cards. It seemed logical to cut two of the most expensive cards in the deck, while retaining one of each of the versatile reanimation targets. One of the other cards I probably should have cut was the Prophetic Prism. While I love cards like this, in this deck if something doesn't ramp us, we should often have better things to be doing that early in the game. Especially with 12 other cards that do ramp us that we could be playing (assuming we drew an Elvish Mystic on turn two, that is).

Steam Augury and Primeval Bounty were two other cards I was excited to be playing. Primeval Bounty was one of my favorite cards in M14 because of its power and versatility. The life gain can pull you back into a game if necessary and the 3/3 beasts allow you to play one creature and force your opponent to deal with it, especially if you can give that one creature three +1/+1 counters. Steam Augury is another awesome addition simply because it will usually always draw us two to three cards and put another two to three cards into the graveyard, which is great for us. I mean, heck, if we need one or two specific cards, we can even put them in a pile by themselves. That way we either get those cards, and see three or four go into the graveyard, or we draw three or four cards. And the deck is so varied and versatile that you can usually find an answer somewhere in the top five if only because there are so many different avenues the deck can take to solve a problem.

While Karametra, God of Harvests was a card we sides out quite a bit, I think it's actually fine in the deck, especially with something like Primeval Bounty in play to let you take advantage of all of the lands you could be searching up. It also allows us to get a little extra value off of those early green creatures our deck is packed with.

Looking over the Journey into Nyx cards, there aren't many that I would actually include in the deck. I would probably find some room for a pair of Temple of Malady, perhaps over one Temple of Plenty and one Temple of Silence. It seems like we always want green by turn two, so cutting a Temple of Silence seems like a no-brainer. I would also try to find room for perhaps one Banishing Light, but I don't even think it's a necessity. One other card that I think could go really well in the deck is Pharika, God of Affliction. Being able to exile all of the little duders that get put into the graveyard over the course of a game could be a great way to stabilize.

One thing I would like to do is find room to move the Auramancer to the maindeck. Being able to recur everything from Primeval Bounty, to Whip of Erebos, to Karametra, God of Harvests is pretty sweet, and if we ended up adding a Banishing Light and a Pharika, God of Affliction, we could get those back as well. This might actually be better than the Mnemonic Wall in the deck (because despite the synergy, we never actually wanted to cast Mnemonic Wall). It's also two mana cheaper and can actually attack and block profitably.

For those following along at home, these would be the changes I made from the original list:

-1 Breeding Pool
-1 Elspeth, Sun's Champion
-1 Mnemonic Wall
-1 Prophetic Prism
-1 Sylvan Primordial
-1 Temple of Plenty
-1 Temple of Silence

+1 Auramancer
+1 Pharika, God of Affliction
+1 Stomping Ground
+2 Temple of Malady

-1 Auramancer

+1 Banishing Light

I think that should do it. Either way, despite being 62 cards, I think it was awesome that a deck like this can actually go undefeated in a Daily Event. I would actually love to see more of this deck, and I think it's an actual crime that Obzedat's Aid hasn't seen more play up until now. If you guys are looking for something to try out that doesn't necessarily include new cards, but rather some lesser played older cards, I definitely suggest you give this deck a try. It has a lot of power and it surprisingly consist.

Well, that's all I have for this week. Be sure and check back on Monday for some Modern, and next week we should have a Standard deck with some Journey into Nyx cards, barring I can afford them. Thanks for reading and I'll see ya then!

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