Well, I was going to play the Part the Waterveil deck that Ali Aintrazi wrote about on Tuesday, but being the good friend and editor that I am, I allowed him to play the deck in his article next week. If he doesn't come through for any reason, you better believe we're loading that bad boy up for next Thursday.

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Myth Realized. In fact it was one of my favorite cards in Dragons of Tarkir. I actually love "sleeping" creatures like this, that let you choose when they're creatures, like Haunted Plate Mail or any creature land. I also happen to love creatures that turn into other creatures, or make more creatures, so you can imagine I was eager to try out Monastery Mentor and Kytheon, Hero of Akros again.

Take a look at the list we're be trying out today.


Magic Online recently had some Standard Champs events and this is a list that user AursAnd managed a 4-1 finish with. One win away from being undefeated is pretty good as far as I'm concerned. I really liked the way the deck looked, primarily because it doesn't really look like anything else that is being played right now. It even included four Knight of the White Orchid, which have been popping up in the ever-popular Esper Tokens list that has been practically everywhere.

The deck seemed like a mishmash of some of the best cards in Standard combined with some of my favorite unplayed cards, so I was quite eager to see how it would perform.

Bant Myth vs. Atarka Red

Bant Myth vs. Jeskai Black, Match 1

Bant Myth vs. B/G Ramp

Bant Myth vs. Jeskai Black, Match 2

This deck was sweet and I really like the immunity you feel with cards like Dispel and Myth Realized right now. Being able to make Kytheon, Hero of Akros indestructible was also pretty valuable at times. That being said, this deck definitely had some issues against specific archetypes.

One issue I had with the deck is the same issue I have with similar lists. I wondered if the benefit of an entire additional color (green) was worth it simply to add Dromoka's Command. Don't get me wrong, the card is quite powerful, but is it that powerful? I wasn't sure, especially since there were times when I would only have one way to grab a dual land from my deck, and it was simply more beneficial to grab a Prairie Stream. This could leave me with a Dromoka's Command stranded in hand without a green mana source, which is a legitimate concern in a deck that only runs 20 lands - and even less after fetching.

The deck seems to struggle against two things: decks that are doing unfair things (like Ramp decks) and decks that are packed full of two-for-ones. We can't really deal with either. Our maindeck simply has no way to deal with cards like Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. If they've gained seven life off of a Nissa's Renewal before casting either of the colorless threats, we're going to be even farther behind.

Similarly, if their entire game plan is Kolaghan's Command, Ojutai's Command, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, and Dig Through Time, we simply don't have enough ways to combat those cards with our two Dispel in the maindeck. Nevermind the fact that Crackling Doom will almost always take out a Myth Realized upon activating, which is sad because we've often devoted so much time and energy into it. I can see trying to wait until we have a Dispel, but that isn't a guarantee of safety, and things like Feat of Resistance have no effect against sacrificing.

Ultimately, the deck was pretty fun. I think it's able to take good advantage of all the prowess and prowess-esque triggers your cards can create. The only problem seemed to be the fragility of our cards and the lack of real card advantage outside of Treasure Cruise. If you're able to get past those points, there is definitely some strength in the creatures the deck is able to produce.

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