While Standard is primed for a rotation in the next couple weeks, the deck I'm showing off this week is one that I should have shown much, much sooner. Well, perhaps not that much sooner, as it only became a thing after Magic Origins was released, but I knew about it around the end of July, and I regret not showing it off closer to then.

Sage of Hours, like most cards that say "take an extra turn," was just begging to be broken as soon as it was revealed in Journey into Nyx. The problem was that it required us to put five counters on it in order to get that coveted extra turn. This was a difficult task, but what if this was somehow much easier to do though?

Feast thine eyes upon one of the only ways to take infinite turns in Standard...


Magic Online user sai_2011 ended up going 4-0 with this list in a Daily Event and, to be quite honest, I was incredibly curious as to how. This deck looks absolutely ridiculous and I'm very surprised that I haven't seen it pop up in any other events since this one.

While I assume this is a deck I'm going to misplay with left and right due to the repetitions of the combo and how many decisions are possible at any given moment, I'm eager to see how it works and how many ridiculous things we can do. Let's roll that beautiful bean footage!

Bant Turns vs. Abzan Midrange

Bant Turns vs. GR Devotion

Bant Turns vs. Abzan Control

Bant Turns vs. UR Goggles


Now that was impressive. I actually think we could have won against the UR deck if we didn't time our Collected Company incorrectly, but I'll take three wins against three very strong metagame decks!

One thing we realized is that Anger of the Gods is backbreaking against us. This is a deck that doesn't actually care about sweepers because we have so many ways to "rebuild," such as Collected Company, Gather the Pack (which was great every time), and Return to the Ranks. In fact Return to the Ranks could sometimes return something ridiculous like six creatures! We could then tap all of them and a land to Chord of Calling for Dragonscale General and "go off." But I don't really need to tell you that; you saw the videos. And the frequency that Jace, Vryn's Prodigy is able to flip on into a planeswalker on turn three thanks to a Satyr Wayfinder is just terrifying.

One thing I was expecting when it came to Sage of Hours was using it in conjunction with Ajani, Mentor of Heroes which I mention in one of the videos. Ajani adding three out of five of the necessary counters seems pretty efficient. Combine the planeswalker with Citadel Siege and you automatically produce all five of the counters you'd need each turn. Fortunately we didn't actually have much trouble piecing together the combo the way the deck is configured now, especially with an impressive 15 creatures that can tap themselves, two Disciple of the Ring which can also tap your own creatures if necessary, and six convoke spells that allow you to tap your creatures. All in all this was more than enough ways to make sure the bolstering from Dragonscale General would allow us to go infinite.

And did you notice the deck only ran 18 lands?! That's ridiculous! Those are Legacy and Modern numbers right there, but our curve might as well stop at two. We only have a handful of cards in the deck that cost four or five, and with 12 mana-creatures and four Satyr Wayfinder we usually didn't have a problem making sure we had enough mana.

It's a real shame that Sage of Hours is rotating out. To be fair though, so are all of the convoke cards, which give this deck a ton of play in conjunction with Dragonscale General. Now that card will never see play again! This deck was quite impressive and I wish it got more attention. I want to say it seems easy to hate out or play around, but very few of my opponents were actually able to play around our combo. Being able to get back a Sage of Hours with Return to the Ranks or a Dragonscale General at instant speed with Chord of Calling, while tapping your entire team to do it was simply too much.

Next week begins Conley's Battle for Zendikar set review, and we're changing things up a bit, so be sure not to miss it! I'll be back on Monday with some more Modern, but Thursday you're going to have my Top 10 Sleepers in Battle for Zendikar to mull over, so as Scar from The Lion King would advise, be prepared. In the meantime you can check out my podcast, Freshly Brewed, with Ali Aintrazi. You can subscribe through iTunes or help us out over on our Patreon. Thanks for reading and I'll see ya soon!

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