I've always been a fan of under-utilized mythics. It just so happens when I first loaded today's deck up, I ended up calling it "a deck full of misfit mythics." Kind of like the island of misfit toys in everyone's favorite Christmas special.

I mean, we're talking about a deck paying Aurelia, the Warleader, Flame-Wreathed Phoenix, and Prophetic Flamespeaker to name a few. It even had Archangel of Thune and Chandra, Pyromaster, which might not be misfits, but they don't see a tremendous amount of play either.

Let's take a look at the list we found.


It might even be more of a control deck than a midrange deck, but that's arguing semantics. This deck can pretty much deal with every creature the format throws at it, from Polukranos, World Eater, to Stormbreath Dragon, to Blood Baron of Vizkopa. Okay, it might have a little trouble with Obzedat, Ghost Council. Which still makes me wonder why so few of these heavy red decks are choosing to omit Fated Conflagration. But that's a discussion for after the videos.

Boros Midrange vs. Monored Devotion

Boros Midrange vs. Naya Auras

Boros Midrange vs. Jund Midrange

Boros Midrange vs. Boros Burn

As you can see, the deck has some real power to it. That seems like what's going to happen when you combine things like Elspeth, Sun's Champion (which we never cast) and Stormbreath Dragon. The deck also has eight of the best creature removal spells available in the form of Banishing Light and Chained to the Rocks, so that doesn't hurt either.

I'm still impressed with Prophetic Flamespeaker. It doesn't matter that you can't always cast the card, because it's a free card. I'm not sure how to adequately explain it better than I did last time in the comments. Basically, with a card like Bloodbraid Elf you always want to hit a card you can cast because the card doesn't cost any mana, and you get one shot. With Prophetic Flamespeaker his ability is basically Chandra, Pyromaster's +0 ability. If you can play the card, great! If not, no biggie. The important thing to remember is that you aren't losing value by not being able to play the cards. If anything you're losing "potential" value. That being said, the card is great, especially if you're able to get an Archangel of Thune out and buff him with her ability. Lemme tell you, a 4/6 double striking trampler is nothing to scoff at. Especially when he's revealing cards for you to play.

Another card that I have always loved is Aurelia, the Warleader. I'm surprised this doesn't see more play, but she does have a somewhat prohibitive mana cost. Nevertheless, haste, vigilance, and flying are all super relevant abilities and it doesn't surprise me that she was as powerful in the deck as she was. If you're able to land either a turn five Stormbreath Dragon or an Archangel of Thune, followed by an Aurelia, the Warleader, you're going to be dealing 14 damage either way. That's huge!

One card I could not be happier about, especially in the current metagame, is the four Nyx-Fleece Ram in the sideboard. I was so tempted to find a way to just move them to the maindeck. As you even saw in one of the matches, we were able to pump our Rams to 3/8s via Archangel of Thune's triggers and attack with them. All that aside, the life gain and blocking capabilities are what is really huge. Especially against decks like Boss Sligh. The fact that the deck's sweeper is Mizzium Mortars makes me feel even better about the creatures, as we can keep churning them out without feeling guilty about sending them off to get sheared.

I was a little underwhelmed by the deck's utilization of Chandra, Pyromaster. Typically we can use it to take care of one toughness creatures or prevent blocking, but neither of those situations seems that common. If the opponent only has one creature to block, we can prevent it from doing so, but then our deck rarely has the defenses to actually stop the attack back from killing our Chandra. Furthermore, when we cast Chandra, the only creature we're likely to have in play at that point is Prophetic Flamespeaker, which makes her second ability less appealing as well, seeing as we're already flipping over two cards to cast with the Flamespeaker. I'm wondering if, again, Fated Conflagration is a better choice in this spot. I'm really high on the card right now, as I think it takes care of a ton of creatures and planeswalkers that red has no business taking care of. My only reservation here is that this deck is also white, which means we already have plenty of ways to take care of opposing creatures and planeswalkers.

One creature I could see adding would be a couple of Iroas, God of Victory. With Aurelia, the Warleader in the deck, you come very close to turning him on with her alone, and making our Prophetic Flamespeakers harder to block seems like a good deal. All damage is also prevented to them when attacking, so that's not too shabby either. I also like the idea of adding one Martial Law, but the double white mana cost might require some tweaking to the mana base. Martial Law has always been a card I've been fond of and it deals quite well with a different creature each turn.

This was another deck that impressed me with its results. I keep looking forward to seeing Prophetic Flamespeaker in action, and he keeps showing me he has some chops.


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