As I was looking for a deck to play for this week's Standard article I felt like I was drowning in a sea of G/W Aggro, Five-Color this or that, and Atarka Red. Those three decks were pretty much everywhere. The manabases were so easy to build that there was little incentive not to play four or more colors. It seems as though everyone is just trying what works, so I'm pretty thankful that this weekend is not only Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar, but also the TCGplayer Standard State Championships to hopefully spring some new ideas on us.

Don't get me wrong, I will be trying a four- or five-color list myself, possibly next week, but for now I felt lucky enough to find something a bit more...Eldrazi. If you were looking for a deck that you can take to this weekend's TCGplayer Standard State Championships that won't break the bank, this could be a great choice.

Behold, a list I thought I may never see...


Magic Online user Manu S managed a 3-1 finish in a Magic Online Daily Event with this list. Not only did the deck have Blight Herder, which was in my article featuring the Top 8 cards I wanted to brew with, but it also had Ulamog's Nullifier, which I have equated to Mystic Snake, one of my favorite cards ever! Add some Hangarback Walkers and some Ghostfire Blades and we've got ourselves a deck.

Let's see how we do!

Grixis Eldrazi vs. Red Tokens

Grixis Eldrazi vs. Four-Color Midrange

Grixis Eldrazi vs. U/G Eldrazi

Grixis Eldrazi vs. Abzan Sacrifice

Despite our record, I was actually quite fond of this deck, but I did notice some areas we could improve. I could definitely see us winning the U/G Eldrazi match if we didn't mistakenly board in Rending Volley. Man, what a beating. Creatures with colored mana symbols in their casting costs not being colored is going to take some getting used to.

For one thing, I don't know why we don't have a single Swamp to fetch out in the deck with eight fetch lands that can find it. Sometimes you just want to grab a Swamp to turn on our dual lands. For another, seeing as the deck only has two dual lands, I actually wonder if this was a budget build. I was able to put it together for about four Magic Online tickets worth of new cards aside from the two lands which I already had. If the lands indeed indicate a budget list, it makes me wonder even more if the deck is capable of being a legitimate contender with some upgrades.

The deck was heavily reliant on ingesting cards and being on the play heavily favored our ability to ingest things. Playing a Salvage Drone on the draw only for our opponent to play a creature on turn two was a little disheartening. This being the case, I wonder if Sludge Crawler might be a better option for our one-drop. Sure, we would need to invest a little heavier in black, but I don't think that's really an issue. The pump ability also seems pretty useful, especially in later turns. This would also allow us to play things like Fathom Feeder or Complete Disregard, which might just be better than Processor Assault and is another card to help enable our processors that need two exiled cards.

The biggest issue I found the deck to have is that it plays the role of the swarm deck, similar to U/R Ensoul Artifact last season. Why is this an issue, you might be asking. This can be a great place to be against midrange or control decks, however, as we found in the last two rounds, we're pretty disadvantaged against other swarm decks. Especially if those decks have any amount of reach, as the Abzan deck did. We're pretty good at being the swarm deck ourselves, but we're not great at dealing with opposing swarm decks. I wanted access to something like Boiling Earth more than once in these matches. It didn't help that our Abzan opponent hit at least two Zulaport Cutthroats in each game he won either.

All things considered the deck was pretty sweet. I think it could use some tweaking to make it more friendly toward the metagame (Boiling Earth should also do a number against the red decks), but otherwise I think it has some real potential. Even without a winning record I still had some fun trying out Herald of Kozilek, Brutal Expulsion, and Blight Herder. I only wish I was able to actually counter something with Ulamog's Nullifier...

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