Our own Melissa DeTora and Raphael Levy had plenty of success this past weekend at Pro Tour M15 with a monored deck that took advantage of a bevy of one-drops, creatures like Goblin Rabblemaster, and aggressive damage dealing spells...but their deck wasn't the only red deck to come out of the Pro Tour intent on attacking quickly with tiny creatures.

The deck I'm showcasing today was allegedly piloted by Alex Sittner, but looking over the coverage, specifically the final standings, the only "Sittner" listed is one John Sittner. I'm not sure if this is the same person or if this is a goof in coverage, but either way, I have no choice but to trust the page when it tells me that Alex Sittner ended up with 18 points or more with the following list.


While I was the one who helped put Team Revolution onto the trail of Dynacharge this past weekend, it seems that Alex Sittner was also aware of what the card was capable of doing in conjunction with an army of tiny gentlemen.

This is a RW heroic deck, but just barely. Sure we have Launch the Fleets and Dynacharge, but there will be plenty of times we just want Overload Dynacharge and give our entire army the bonus, bypassing any sort of heroic trigger. More often than not Obelisk of Urd is going to do a lot of the heavy lifting for our creatures and considering every creature cast or created in the deck is a soldier, that's what we're going to name every time.

My one concern with the deck, at first glance, is that we don't have many reliable ways of dealing with runaway creatures that are simply larger than ours, like a Desecration Demon or even a Loxodon Smiter. I'm not sure if this will be an issue or not, but I guess we'll find out!

RW Heroic vs. Jund Midrange

RW Heroic vs. Monoblue Devotion

RW Heroic vs. Monowhite Devotion

RW Heroic vs. Bant Enchantments

As was the case with the breakout Rabble Red deck from the Pro Tour, the RW Heroic deck seems to be great against control decks and Monoblack Devotion decks that are often just too slow for us, but not so great against other aggro decks. The reason being that other aggro decks can flood the board just as well as we can, so it becomes difficult to break through and deal the excess damage. Of course things get easier once we have an Obelisk of Urd in play, but a card like Loxodon Smiter or, god Forbid, Archangel of Thune makes combat a nightmare.

Speaking of Archangel of Thune, you may notice that we lost to it. We also lost to it in an unrecorded mirror match. The card is miserable to deal with for us. The lifegain puts them way ahead, and once their creatures are larger than ours, even with an Obelisk of Urd in play, we don't have many ways to break through. Perhaps something like Glimpse the Sun God could be good as a way to tap opposing blockers, or even trigger our own heroic effects after we've tapped our attackers. While this means we wouldn't be able to attack with the token made from an Akroan Crusader, but we'll still get it nonetheless and it will still trigger our Favored Hoplite as well.

One problem I ran into with the deck, which was unfortunate, was drawing an incredibly large number of lands, often more than spells, which should be rare considering there are literally twice as many spells than there are lands (20/40 split). I chalk this up to the wonderful effect of variance though and don't attribute it to any inherent flaw with the deck.

It's hard to take too much issue with a deck that went at least 6/2 at the Pro Tour in Constructed. It would seem that Sittner had at least some idea of what he was doing. The problem I fear is the aggro decks that weren't really present in Standard before the Pro Tour. This was the reason so many aggro decks, that were largely unplayed or undiscovered beforehand, did so well. I feel like the RW Heroic deck is no different in this regard. While it does struggle against the more aggressive decks (and more so thanks to our damaging mana base of four Battlefield Forge and four Mana Confluence), it does a great job of attacking quickly against the control and midrange decks I mentioned earlier. The reason being that we can simply deploy damage faster than they can respond to it and the monoblack decks are dealing with threats on a one-for-one basis, which is nowhere near fast enough.

While we didn't completely get the record - nor matchups - we wanted, if your metagame is high in control decks I would definitely give this list some thought. I might even add a couple of Stoke the Flames to deal with troublesome Archangel of Thunes. Thanks for reading and I'll catch you on Monday with another sweet Modern brew!

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