So this past weekend was Grand Prix Prague. The format was Modern, and I figured with Standard being on the verge of a shakeup, what better time to bring you guys some Modern videos...with Melissa DeTora!

The deck we decided on was one that immediately caught our eye during the coverage: a deck by Jan van der Vegt that looked to exploit cheating creatures like Emrakul, the Aeon's Torn and Griselbrand into play through cards like Goryo's Vengeance and Fist of Suns.

While the deck bared a striking resemblance to a UB Reanimator deck that was played a couple seasons back, this one had quite a few notable differences. The deck we ended up playing was as follows (we found the maindeck in the GP coverage, and the sideboard we pieced together from Jan's stream):


The name of the deck actually comes from a Legacy deck called Tin Fins that, presumably, looks to incorporate a similar strategy? Maybe you guys can fill us in in the comment section. Otherwise the deck was performing pretty admirably for us in testing, so let's take a look at how it does when we're being recorded!

Tin Fists vs. UR Pyromancer

Tin Fists vs. UR Pyromancer, Match 2

Tin Fists vs. Affinity

Tin Fists vs. 4C Birthing Pod

To be fair, we had no idea what kind of Birthing Pod deck that was. We saw no Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, but we did happen to see Deceiver Exarch and Restoration Angel. Heck, we don't really know if it was a Birthing Pod list, because we never really saw Birthing Pod.

Other than that, we were disappointed to play the same UR Pyromancer deck twice, but the fact is that the deck is becoming more and more popular, so it was actually fine.

This deck was a blast to play, and there are a ton of decisions to make, from what lands to play, what cards to keep in hand, what order to play your lands, etc. This definitely wasn't a "slam guys onto the board and turn them sideways" deck. There were a ton of opportunities to misplay, but the rewards were often quite high. While a Griselbrand or an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn often didn't specifically win the game for you on the spot, they often brought you far close enough to take things over without much more help.

The list that Jan was running at the Grand Prix had two Lightning Bolts in the maindeck. The list we found on his stream earlier had two Pyroclasm in the maindeck. It also had two more Pyroclasm in the sideboard. That being the case, we figured the cards were swapped four for four. Being that the Grand Prix version was the more recent version, we opted for the full set of Lightning Bolts. Of course that night we also saw the following Tweets from Jan (@DasDzy).

For those wanting to play the Fist deck, try to work the 4th Spirit Guide in, it was awesome. Play 4 Clasm sb. #fistya

— Jan van der Vegt (@DasDzy) January 13, 2014

I think that with the rogue factor gone it's not too viable. I won 2+ matches because of opp's mistakes bc they had no clue what I was doing

— Jan van der Vegt (@DasDzy) January 13, 2014

Basically the Lightning Bolts should be Pyroclasms like we had initially thought. And contrary to what we initially thought, the Simian Spirit Guides were great for Jan. That was not expected, but I would be quick to believe it based on the source. In fact as you might have noticed we were often quite quick to board our ape friends out every game! While we thought they were one of the lowest impact cards in the deck, they were apparently doing some pretty hard work for Jan. Lesson learned it seems.

Either way, there's no feeling quite like being able to cast an Emrakul for five mana. Especially when he can't be countered. Untapping with a Fist of Suns in play and an Emrakul in hand is like nothing else. You kind of know you're about to win, or come real darn close. One of the scariest scenarios was actually when our opponent was able to tap down our Emrakul with a Deceiver Exarch. Like, who knows what could have happened next!? And if we didn't have double Izzet Charm, who knows how many more turns he would have gotten to potentially combo out? The Modern format is home to some scary things, make no mistake, and a turn two Emrakul, the Aeons Torn or Griselbrand is definitely one of them.

I hope you guys enjoyed me showcasing some Modern for a change. I know you ask for it regularly, and depending on the popularity of this one, I might consider doing some more. I'll be keeping an eye out, so be sure to "like," comment, or share this if you want to see more Modern. It really is kind of up to you guys. And again, make sure and let me know what you thought of Melissa joining in, but so far your responses have been pretty unanimously positive, which blows me away. Thanks for your support! I have a Born of the Gods spoiler coming up on Wednesday, so be sure and tune in for that, and you can find all of the latest previews up on our Facebook page over at MTGatTCGplayer. Head on over and give us a "like" if you're so inclined. That's about all I have for today. Thanks for reading and I'll see ya in a few!

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