It seems like just yesterday we were playing a blue-based devotion list. Well, that's because we were actually! Technically it was actually about two months ago when we tried out the blue-based UG Devotion list with Collected Company, but those are minor details. I was pretty impressed with the deck when I tried it and found that a lot of the blue devotion cards were just as powerful as they once were thanks to Dragons of Tarkir. I was hoping for the same performance out of the following list when I found it...


Magic Online user WraithHunter managed to place more than once with this deck, and it was the same list both times, which tells me there's something going on. Considering that it looks very similar to the previous version I tried out, only with some white cards instead of the green component, it further solidified my thoughts that Master of Waves could rise again!

Let's find out if that was accurate.

(Videos arranged in a playlist within the player.)

The funniest part about these matches was that I never actually had a chance to cast Dragonlord Ojutai. In fact, with only three white cards in the entire deck and only five white sources to cast them with, I'm not sure the deck isn't just better as a monoblue list. I could easily see adding a fourth Icefall Regent and a third Omenspeaker to the list. Omenspeaker is just very good right now and it blocks a ton of creatures in the format.

Removing white would also make Silumgar's Scorn a little worse as we would go from five dragons to four. Maybe we could also cut one of those as well.

Of course, with Magic origins right around the corner (literally) there are a couple cards that I think would fit right into this deck. Considering the fact that we went 4-0, making this deck even stronger sounds like a dream! The first choice is a pretty obvious one for anyone who has spent any time looking at the spoiler or keeping track of the more powerful cards from Magic Origins: Harbinger of the Tides.

This card seems almost tailor made for devotion and he could definitely breathe some new life into the archetype. Claustrophobia was the other card from Magic Origins that caught my eye, but I wondered how good it would actually be when we currently have Encrust which sees no play in the archetype. It's also worth noting that in a lot of situations, Encase in Ice is going to be just as good, if not better with all the green and red creatures in the format.

Speaking of Encase in Ice, there were a couple sideboard cards I wasn't too fond of. Kheru Spellsnatcher just seemed like it would be too expensive to morph a lot of times and I wasn't sure how frequently we would have six mana for it. That being said, it could actually be very good against the control decks where we have more time to mount an offense. Profaner of the Dead was another card that could be found in the sideboard, but this was one I was quite fond of. Exploiting something like an Omenspeaker to potentially bounce their entire board could be huge (and was in the match we did it).

Unlike the other version of the deck we played, it was nice seeing Bident of Thassa present again. This is actually very good with cards like Gudul Lurker and Hypnotic Siren, despite us not having drawn the legendary enchantment artifact.

The biggest takeaway here is that I have played two blue-based devotion decks recently and I had awesome records with both of them. The things that Dragons of Tarkir added to the archetype - in the form of Silumgar's Sorcerer, Stratus Dancer, Icefall Regent, Shorecrasher Elemental, and Gudul Lurker - have basically reinvigorated the entire archetype. Whether you're splashing another color or not (for something like Dragonlord Ojutai or Collected Company), the deck can clearly still compete with some of the heavy hitters in the format and Master of Waves has proven that he's still very much a threat. The deck should only get even better once Magic origins drops and gives us another very powerful two-drop to utilize.

As usual, I'll be back again next Monday when we kick off our massive Magic Origins set review, so be sure not to miss it. In the meantime be sure to catch my podcast with Ali Aintrazi, Freshly Brewed (which you can find on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or the link below). Thanks for reading and I'll see ya then!

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