What makes Cube such an attractive format is that it helps bridge the gap between Limited and Constructed in terms of gameplay. I am not the world's best cube drafter, but I enjoy playing with cards I have never played with before and drafting crazy decks. I don't cube draft a ton, so any time something absolutely ridiculous happens it makes me giddy. Starting out the draft with a Black Lotus is the actual best possible scenario so my aim was to draft around that card, but no matter what I drafted the Black Lotus was always going to be great.

When I saw Trinket Mage right after the Black Lotus I knew that finding the Black Lotus every game was a very real thing. As the draft progressed I attempted to draft an artifact deck, and ended up with some but not all of the pieces for it. There were definitely some cards that my deck was missing but in the end it was capable of having some explosive draws.

Right out of the gate, bang: turn one Tezzeret, the Seeker! Say what now? Yeah, that was the best. On the surface I acted stoic trying to figure out the best play, but I was actually just in awe of how lucky I was to be able to cast that card on turn one. That is almost impossible, even for a Cube draft. It not only required Tezzeret, the Seeker and Black Lotus, but Ancient Tomb as well. Having my opponent concede on turn two felt about right.

Some cards in the deck didn't seem like they did a whole lot while others overperformed. Tezzeret, the Seeker and Villainous Wealth seemed very important while the creatures in the deck seemed lackluster.

I admit it in match two I was in a state of embarrassment for a minute there. When I played Tezzeret, the Seeker on turn two that did in fact put me in a great position. However, I had just boarded out Crucible of Worlds, which slipped my mind. This lead to breaking one of the most important rules after sideboarding: remember what is in your deck! While this wasn't really a play mistake it was a mistake, but I am happy that I found the Gruul Signet there despite using three loyalty from Tezzeret, the Seeker. Being able to untap artifacts can seem like a hidden mode of Tezzeret, the Seeker but it was important in these games.

Cube Draft is about drafting weird and funky decks capable of having explosive draws, and that is what this deck exemplifies. I was able to make it past the first two rounds having some nut draws, only to fall back down to earth in the last round. In the last round I was surprised to be able to come back into game two with that huge Villainous Wealth but the Force Spike at the end was enough to stop the opponent from decking out. If that second Villainous Wealth had resolved I am confident that our opponent would have lost the game. There were so many little decisions to be made though that there wasn't time to think about every card to possibly play around. When I cracked the opponents Memory Jar at the end there it was basically me realizing that there was no longer any gas left in our deck that could get us out of that spot.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield