So this weekend is the Magic Online M15 Prereleases, so god willing we should have a Standard deck for next week. But until then, I figured you guys might enjoy taking a look at another wacky Vintage deck that included such cards as Goblin Welder, Myr Battlesphere, and Dack Fayden himself!

I'm sure Vintage aficionados out there are cursing me for referring to a Vintage deck as "wacky" but in fairness to the deck, it has been doing quite well on Magic Online. And come on, who doesn't want to use the-newest-planeswalker-that-no-one-is-playing-or-able-to-play-because-he-isn't-legal-in-any-well-played-formats, Dack Fayden? The deck is actually officially called Control Slaver, or more specifically, Night's Whisper Control Slaver, but "Control Slaver" is about as descriptive as "Dack Welder" if you ask me. This isn't meant to show disrespect to the deck's creator by any means, but I feel like implying the deck is utilizing Dack Fayden and Goblin Welder is more intriguing to a reader than a control deck utilizing Mindslaver.

Anyway, this is the list that we're looking at today:


As you can see, we have the usual package of cards that every vintage deck plays, but this time we're utilizing a lot of other interesting choices, including cards like Baleful Strix, Dack Fayden himself, and Night's Whisper. We also have Goblin Welder to make sure that our Myr Battlespheres keep returning to play. The good thing about Myr Battlesphere in a list like this is that, unlike something like Blightsteel Colossus, if it gets removed somehow, we're still left with four 1/1 creatures, which is often enough to win a game with in Vintage.

Let's take a look at how the deck performs, and additionally how Magic Online performs. (I'm on my laptop this week, so I have a whole new set of specs to test the client from.)

Dack Welder vs. Dack Welder

Dack Welder vs. BUG Aggro

Dack Welder vs. Stax

One thing you might have noticed is that the list I posted has one Fire // Ice that wasn't in the decklist I piloted. I'm not sure why, but perhaps I downloaded an earlier version that had the extra Mountain instead. Either way, I think the Fire // Ice would have been infinitely better for us, considering a) we drew a ton of mana sources in several games and b) having a way to get rid of either Deathrite Shaman or Dark Confidant in that match would have been pivotal.

I'm not too proud to admit when a card is over my head, and Gifts Ungiven was definitely over my head here. Usually with Gifts Ungiven there's a very obvious plan (getting one Unburial Rites and one threat to Reanimate with it, so they both go to the graveyard; getting three lands and a Life from the Loam, so no matter what you end up getting all four cards; getting Wrath of God, Day of Judgment, Supreme Verdict, and Damnation so you're guaranteed two sweepers), but I did not feel this was the case here, and that could definitely be a shortcoming on my end. I never knew what exactly to search for with Gifts. There didn't seem to be any two cards that could 100% enable our combo like I was used to. Any pile with Goblin Welder just has the Goblin Welder going to the grumper. Perhaps the correct pile is something like Goblin Welder, Myr Battlesphere, Yawgmoth's Will, and Demonic Tutor.

- If we get Myr Battlesphere and Demonic Tutor we can search for a Goblin Welder.
- If we get Myr Battlesphere and Goblin Welder we're good.
- If we get Myr Battlesphere and Yawgmoth's Will we can cast Goblin Welder off of the Yawgmoth's Will.
- If we get Demonic Tutor and Goblin Welder we're good, as we can get back Myr Battlesphere.
- If we get Demonic Tutor and Yawgmoth's Will we can again cast Goblin Welder off of the Yawgmoth's Will.
- If we get Goblin Welder and Yawgmoth's Will we're good as we can get back Myr Battlesphere.

Again, this says nothing of the applications of Mindslaver. I won most of my matches and didn't even really utilize the card in the deck. I'll be honest and admit that I'm not even sure Mindslaver is an ideal win condition for the deck. It's insanely mana intensive unless we have Goblin Welder in play or we manage to Tinker it out. But even Tinkering it out means we still need Goblin Welder to enable any sort of "lock." Otherwise we get to Mindslaver our opponent one time, typically the turn after it comes into play (unless we have seven mana: three for Tinker, four to activate Mindslaver), and in Vintage I'm not even sure how good that is.

Either way, I still find it funny that Myr Battlesphere is a prominent win condition in Vintage, but here we are. As I mentioned, the card is just very resilient against removal in that if it gets killed we still have a formidable army. The other benefits are that it can deal direct damage by tapping its myrs during combat, and it has an "enters the battlefield" ability that we can continuously take advantage of with Goblin Welder.

Another thing I still don't understand (and this has been my thought with several of the Vintage decks I've played) is why all decks don't utilize several lines of attack that would only take up one or two cards in the deck. There were times I was playing when I had Myr Battlesphere in the graveyard, and I sideboarded out Mindslaver for what I felt were obvious reasons, and I wished I had something else to Tinker for. Maybe a Time Vault and a Voltaic Key or a single Blightsteel Colossus. While Blightsteel Colossus isn't ideal due to not interacting favorably with Goblin Welder, you get the idea. If Myr Battlesphere isn't in the deck, Tinker doesn't work very well. If Myr Battlesphere isn't in the graveyard, Goblin Welder doesn't work very well.

Either way, thanks to my massive amount of misunderstanding about the deck or not, we still managed a winning record and it still felt quite powerful. Monday we should have another Modern video, and Thursday should be the first of some new Standard videos. Thanks for watching and I'll catch you next week!

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