Since the complete Eternal Masters spoiler is now available, I wanted to showcase a deck that benefits from some of the reprints. W/B Tokens has been a Modern deck for some time now, but hasn't truly broken out. I decided to come up with a 75 based on some of the other lists I have seen do well in the past. There are a couple innovations here, and I appreciate any feedback or recommendations.


After playing with W/B Tokens I do like the feel of the deck, and a couple of the games in the videos we ended up losing felt like they could have gone either way. Infect is a good matchup for W/B Tokens, which is nice since Infect is one of the most popular decks in Modern. The one game we did drop to Infect, it felt like our opponent needed to hit runner-runner to win, but hey — that's Magic. Zealous Persecution was impressive as a two-mana one-sided Wrath of God that also can pump our creatures, given the right situation.

There are going to be certain cards in the maindeck that are not well-suited for certain matchups, which is why this deck generally plays better after sideboard. Cards like Timely Reinforcements and Auriok Champion are unspectacular against some decks, and other times they can single-handedly win the game.

In many ways W/B Tokens plays out similarly to other midrange strategies in the format, but uses a different method in order to win the game. The tokens strategy optimally involves a couple different moving parts. The first is the token generator, and the second is some type of anthem effect. The Planeswalker package is a recent addition to the deck, and adds some more lategame punch. Making the tokens into larger creatures is where the true power of this deck lies.

When playing against the R/G Breach deck, the matchup felt winnable, but it requires finding the right combination of discard, land destruction, and an early clock. Fulminator Mage is the best form of land destruction but the deck is sometimes able to take advantage of Ghost Quarter as well. The issue with cards that give your opponent more lands though is they can really hurt with a Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle in play. Path to Exile is more of a liability than a removal spell here as your opponent can turn it into another ramp spell essentially. After sideboard there are definitely a number of cards you can bring in, but there are even more that want to get boarded out.

The Burn match came down to drawing Auriok Champion or Timely Reinforcements. This is to be expected though, and I wish we could have had a more interesting third game. We are playing a deck with a lot of discard, but unfortunately discard does not protect particularly well against the top of the opponent's deck. Eidolon of the Great Revel and other creatures being cast at the right time ended up being too much to handle. With that being said I don't believe Burn to be an inherently bad matchup for White/Black Tokens. It could be that one or two more lifegain cards should be added to the 75.

Modern is often based around matchups and drawing the right cards in the correct order. This W/B Tokens deck isn't getting blown out of the water by anything, but it also isn't going to crush another deck. The best matchups are going to be strategies like Affinity and Infect that rely on creatures with flying in order to win. There are some cards like Auriok Champion that I am still unsure about. This card was a possible way to stop Splinter Twin, but with Splinter Twin no longer in the format it may not be as necessary. However, if Auriok Champion were cut there would need to be a replacement lifegain card of some kind. W/B Tokens deserves to see more play in Modern, and this feels like a good jumping off point.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield