Wow, is this deck exciting to play! I feel like I have learned a lot about all the little interactions in the deck. Soul Sisters hasn't seen a ton of play recently, but that may be because most versions don't play red. Norin the Wary is actually an all-star here, and provides lategame inevitability in many ways. I have a feeling how many of the matchups play out, but I still need more practice with the deck.

It feels like this deck does a good job preying on aggressive decks. The lifegain makes it very difficult for Burn or other super fast decks to stand a chance. The Mono-Red Artifact Tokens deck we played against was a bit unusual, but it seemed pretty good for what it was trying to do. In the matchup Soul Warden effects alongside Genesis Chamber felt amazing. I was actually surprised to drop a game here. Once we got to sideboard in Electrickery, that was enough to truly turn the matchup into being heavily in favor of Soul Sisters.

It is a nice feeling to know that all you need to do is survive the first few turns, and your lategame will be better than the opponents'. For certain matchups this is the case. Midrange decks feel like good matchups because the Red-White Soul Sisters deck has so many difficult to answer cards like Genesis Chamber and Norin the Wary, while also having card advantage like Ranger of Eos. Traditionally, Soul Sisters has been strong against Abzan or Jund. The White-Blue Spirits deck falls into a similar category, even though it was a bit annoying to play against.

Playing against White-Blue Spirits, it was hard to predict what cards the opponent would play, which gave our opponent a bit of an advantage. The first Rattlechains was definitely frustrating, but after that things went pretty smoothly. Since our opponent didn't play a lot of big heavy hitters our life total was never under that much pressure. It felt like even Sphinx's Revelation was a card we could work through later in the game. When our opponent was able to Supreme Verdict us the situation looked bad, but as it turns out you never can really fully stop Norin the Wary plus Genesis Chamber.

The combo decks are the tougher matchups, which is why there are so many sideboard cards for them. With a little bit tighter play on my part the match against Living End was winnable. As it turned out, though, that last Violent Outburst was a surprise and enough to take a pretty crazy first game. The matchup didn't feel great because Genesis Chamber was also pretty good for our opponent. The keep in game two was just too greedy. That said, even when losing the deck has some very powerful interactions.

Red-White Soul Sisters is a deck I fully expect to see more of. Now that midrange decks are starting to see more play this could be a perfect metagame call. The sideboard can be geared to the matchups which are difficult to win in game one. While this deck plays a lot of cheap spells it is not very fast so it needs for its early plays to slow down the opponent significantly.

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