The red-green color pair has had a lot of success recently, yet there is no consensus on the "correct" way to build it. The latest variants tend to be more green based for Llanowar Elves, and I like that. Being able to play a threat a full turn earlier is a big deal. This version even has Paradise Druid, as the big creatures and planeswalkers are more impactful the earlier in the game they can come down. What really makes this version unique though is the Dinosaur package.

Ripjaw Raptor is a card we have seen in and out of red-green decks. It shines against aggro decks, especially Mono-Red Aggro, but often it ends up being more of a sideboard card. Here though the idea is simply to have the biggest creatures possible at each point in the curve. Ripjaw Raptor is also great with Domri, Anarch of Bolas to draw a card off the fight effect. Nullhide Ferox certainly fits the bill of a huge undercosted threat, but the creature that may be the most surprising is Charging Monstrosaur.

Charging Monstrosaur is a creature that many may not think of as a Standard playable, but here it is, and there are four copies! The 5 toughness is pretty clutch to get around removal like Lava Coil, and of course the haste and trample add up to make a respectable card. These large creatures work perfectly alongside Domri, Anarch of Bolas as Domri allows you to have both removal and mana acceleration all rolled into one. The past few weeks on Arena this has actually been the most popular version of Red-Green I have played against. Playing The Immortal Sun also gives you a single card that completely wrecks Esper decks on its own.

As I mentioned during the videos I believe White Aggro is the worst matchup for Red-Green, so taking a couple losses to it is something you have to be willing to accept. They have so many cheap creatures, and a flipped Legion's Landing can cause major issues for you. However, one of the major incentives to be playing the Red-Green deck is being favored against Esper Control. The mix of threats, from creatures to planeswalkers and The Immortal Sun means you are attacking in multiple different ways. Red-Green is in my opinion a tier 1 Standard deck, and the best way to be attacking with green creatures in the format.

Seth Manfield

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