#10: Plague Belcher

Zombie tribal stuff will always sell steadily forever and ever. Outside of the lacked-in interest the card will garner thanks to its zombie tribal, this card is actually pretty cool! I'm good with a three-mana 5/4 with menace, and there are plenty of other zombies you can add -1/-1 counters to to get some sort of upside when they die. Relentless Dead, perhaps?

#9: Angel of Sanctions

Hey! We previewed this card!

I wrote the script for that, which allowed me to force the other actors to do all the heavy lifting. I just sat in the same spot the whole time.

#8: Curator of Mysteries

This is the kind of card that would've broken the game 12 or 13 years ago (lol), but is much tamer by today's standards. Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is a 5/5 plus a 2/2 for the same converted mana cost that is susceptible to a narrower set of removal cards. Amonkhet cards have an uphill battle to playability in Standard.

#7: Glorybringer

Glorybringer is bound by a lot of the same logic keeping Curator of Mysteries under-appreciated, but has the upside of an exert ability that allows its controller to get ahead on board. For a few years now, most Standard matchups are dictated by how each player impacts the board, making Glorybringer a more ideal threat.

#6: Pull from Tomorrow

It's tough to figure what Pull from Tomorrow's Amonkhet Standard usage rate will look like. Sphinx's Revelation dominating Standard for two years is still fresh in my mind, but Pull from Tomorrow doesn't gain life and there's no Elixir of Immortality shenanigans to keep the chains going, which means that drawing 8 cards on your opponent's every end step actually has some slight negative consequence. I'm optimistic about Pull from Tomorrow though. The least you'd reasonably cast it for is what? An instant speed Sift for 3UU? I'll take that all day.

#5: Regal Caracal

FINALLY, the cat lord everyone's been clamoring for!

You know the drill by now on cards like this. They're casual fodder, highly unlikely to make a substantial dent in Standard but could definitely Top 8 an SCG Open in some weird deck that blinks its own creatures or something.

#4: Bone Picker

Now we're talking! This card looks really, really good. As a creature that trades with Heart of Kiran straight-up and is also cheap and dodges the bottom half of Fatal Push, Bone Picker checks a lot of boxes to make it relevant in Standard. It requires some holes to jump through to make it cheap, but I'm confident that there's a Standard deck that will showcase the power of Bone Picker.

And yeah, I know it dies to Shock. I don't care. Bone Picker's great.

#3: Stabilizer

Defying all odds and reason, Stabilizer made the Super Sellers list a couple weeks back. Here's what I said about it then:

#mtgfinance culture has come to this: A new set with the cycling mechanic, Amonkhet, is announced. Stores bump the prices of their copies of Fluctuator, lest they get burned by speculators trying to make a quick buck. However, stores are dealing with the least-deterrable sub-community Magic has to offer. #mtgfinanciers start buying out Fluctuator's inverse, a card from Scourge called Stabilizer. The card did nothing while it was Standard-legal and will continue to do nothing forever, but things like "facts" and "reality" have never stopped anyone from speculating on wizard squares.

Yeah, that still holds up.

#2: Drake Haven

Drake Haven has a lot of promise in a control shell. The only issue is that it overlaps with a lot of the same space Dynavolt Tower already plays in, and you could argue that Dynavolt Tower is the preferable place to be because it allows you to actually cast your spells instead of making you cycle them. There is upside to Drake Haven to be certain, but for now I'm on Dynavolt Tower.

#1: Devoted Druid

First, a Slack conversation between Corbin, Stybs, and I:

Stybs points out that this combo was always on the table thanks to Melira, Sylvok OutcastVizier of Remedies just adds another piece of redundancy, albeit in a place you wouldn't want it; you'd really rather have another Devoted Druid. Alas, the quality of the combo hasn't deterred many people from buying Devoted Druid. Good for them.

[UPDATE 3:11 PM]: It has been brought to my attention that you can't even activate Devoted Druid while you control a Melira, Sylvok Outcast. I trusted Stybs, and he failed me, which I should've expected because his favorite football team is the Cleveland Browns and no sane person can claim fandom of such a terrible franchise. Sorry about that. His and my error will live on in this space for posterity and future blackmailing opportunities.

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora