#10: Drake Haven

Lightning Rift and especially Astral Slide weren't going to get reprinted, but Drake Haven plays a similar enough game to Lightning Rift to pass for a possible win condition in some control deck. It's no Torrential Gearhulk, but there's no rule stating the two cards can't go in the same deck.

#9: Channeler Initiate

This is a cool card, and with the right one-drop, can potentially just be a two-mana 3/4. I don't think that's the best way to use Channeler Initiate, but I'm just saying — the option's there.

#8: Glory-Bound Initiate

#####CARDID= 36021#####

The latest white rare in the vein of "Blade of the Sixth Pride with the set's keyword ability stapled on," Glory-Bound Initiate has an exert trigger that catapaults it from Blade of the Sixth Pride to Abzan Guide, which is legit, especially if you can give Glory-Bound Initiate vigilance. Hint, hint.

#7: Serum Visions

The "ban one-mana blue cantrips until Serum Visions is good" Modern experiment seems to have worked. Serum Visions is a fine card, but it's not a no-brainer inclusion in every blue deck, and the post-draw scry makes for some tense gameplay patterns, like fetching before the Serum Visions in order to preserve the scry. Ponder and Preordain may not impact the board at all, but Modern is a better format without them.

#6: Failure // Comply

This card will see zero play but it's cute and neat. NEXT.

#5: Glorybringer

Glorybringer's suffers from the the awkward case of not being able to get past a Heart of Kiran to kill a Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. That's not to say that Glorybringer won't see play or isn't a good card, but Standard has a measuring stick, and as it stands, Glorybringer isn't tall enough to ride the ride yet.

#4: Path to Exile

All of the Modern decks I brew these days start with four copies of Snapcaster Mage and four copies of Path to Exile. Card's great.

#3: Fatal Push

I've resigned to write about Fatal Push for the next two years. Which is why I'm petitioning for WotC to go back to the original rotation they envisioned with two-set blocks. Not because I think gameplay will improve, but just because I don't want to write about friggin' Fatal Push for the rest of my life. It's a good card. You get it. Everyone gets it.

#2: Throne of the God-Pharaoh

It's cute, I guess. Could be a cute one-of in a more aggressive deck, but right now, I don't see it. Could be a way for B/G to sneak in more damage, but that deck's curve is already so potent that it's tough to see. Right now, this card's strictly Commander fodder.

#1: Always Watching

All the exert card are pushed to the hilt, mainly because exert itself is so bad — it essentially reads "phase this creature out and get some sort of benefit this turn, but only before blocks, so your opponent's still got plenty of time to play around it." It's not good UNTIL the creature gets vigilance.

The tension of Always Watching is that it doesn't affect any embalmed creatures, but for now, it appears that embalm and exert don't overlap. I'm excited to be wrong about this 45 minutes after this article gets published.

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora