The effects of Pro Tour Eldritch Moon are being felt, and it can be summed succinctly with a song by The Black Keys.

As you'll see soon, one deck became the runaway success over the weekend as it fights Standard's top baddie, Bant Company (which is still the clear best deckā€”at least as chosen as played by top competitive players).

Let's get into the sales and see what's going on.

Bonus: The Best of the Rest

Thalia's Lancers is still poking around as a tutor. Cryptbreaker isn't going anywhere if you want to play Zombies. Lupine Prototype howls for its chance to show off. Sigarda's Aid makes auras and equipment tricky, if tricky auras and equipment are your thing.

#10: Prized Amalgam

Prized Amalgam is a card that's hovered in and around the Top 10 Super Sellers for weeks now, and the reason is obvious: It's a pretty good card. What I mean isn't generic, but specifically as something to use and abuse. In Modern, it slots in as a free and powerful creature in Dredge. In Standard, you can throw it into madness shells and value it back later, as Jim Collier did at Grand Prix Portland:


#9: Distended Mindbender

How do you evolve to survive the Standard onslaught of Bant Company? One way is the blue/red Fevered Visions Burn deck, which we'll get to soon. The other is to push the black/green delirium decks to another level, as Grand Prix Portland winner Robert Santana did.


While many of the tweaks in his deck give it an edge against Bant Company, one that works well is Distended Mindbender. Ripping away Reflector Mage or Spell Queller (or any of the other small, obnoxious creatures in waiting) as well as Collected Company or Ojutai's Command can give the long-game plan of delirium decks the time they need.

#8: Bedlam Reveler

Bedlam Reveler has remained popular despite modest Standard success. As a sideboard card in the now-popular blue/red Fevered Visions burn deck, it pops in when the game looks like it's going long, and even there, there won't be more than two copies.

What it does have going for it is the power of the U/R Burn deck against Bant Company and delirium decks. Going fast with plenty of removal means it goes under Emrakul, the Promised End and keeps pace with quick threats to pressure Band Company builds.

Simon Enckels placed third at Grand Prix Rimini, and many of the top-selling cards from the weekend reflect what decks like his were packing:


#7: Collective Brutality

Another solid card for delirium decks, Collective Brutality is a flexible answer for creatures, making opponents discard, or just draining a few points of life. While it's hard to use it as a four-of, one made it into Robert Santana's Grand Prix Portland-winning deck.

#6: Thermo-Alchemist

What's a humble common doing in our top-selling cards article? Well, it sold well. Think about that: a common, easily considered draft chaff before the Pro Tour, is now in the Top 10 Super Sellers. If you're wondering how many players are planning to pack U/R Burn at FNM this weekend, there's your answer.

#5: Eldritch Evolution

Eldritch Evolution is still carrying plenty of hype, but it's fallen into niche use: Modern. There isn't any widely successful Standard deck packing the potentially powerful tutor, and in updated builds of Kiki Chord it just adds a high-risk, high-reward way to snap out the combo.

I mean, it works on Magic Online:


While it hasn't broken Modern (or Allosaurus Rider for that matter), it has opened up an interesting way to push on the format. If you missed the insanity last week, Corbin Hosler's 12 Moon deck was as entertaining as Eldritch Evolution gets:


#4: Incendiary Flow

Incendiary Flow is a two-mana, deal-three-damage sorcery. It's among the most efficient burn spells in Standard. That's why it's here, and why you probably need four copies too.

#3: Harmless Offering

It finally happened! When Harmless Offering was previewed the obvious combo in Standard was with Demonic Pact. Now, thanks to Chris Botelho's hard work at Grand Prix Portland, it's made a premier event Top 8.

Cat Pact is officially a thing. Rejoice in what Standard has wrought.


#2: Collective Defiance

Ready for another blue/red Fevered Visions burn deck? Two made Top 8 at Grand Prix Rimini, and you saw the third place list above. Here's the other, courtesy of Pro Tour Eldritch Moon winner Lukas Blohon:


Collective Defiance is a must-have for burn decks, as it can deal with creatures, hit players, and turn on efficient madness spells like Fiery Temper and Lightning Axe thanks to its one-sided Winds of Change mode.

#1: Fevered Visions

When Shadows over Innistrad first hit, U/R Spells was a well-to-do deck that put Fevered Visions on the Standard map. Now it's back with a vengeance. Drawing extra cards while dinging the opponent's life total is exactly what the deck wants, and being as fast as Bant Company gives it some game against Standard's number one nemesis.

And everyone is looking to play Islands and Mountains this Friday. Seriously, U/R Burn is the new thing.

Join us later this week when we see just how sustained the surge for Blue-Red Burn is. See you then!