Where does Standard go next?

Answering that question is what many of the game's greats looked at this week. World Champion Seth Manfield doubled down on an updated build of White-Back Control. Conley Woods has a plan to Spirit Away to victory. Ali Aintrazi considered all the options before updating his powerful Sultai Control deck.

The top-selling cards from this week show us the more everything changes the more everything stays the same.

Bonus: The Best of the Rest

Haunted Dead is great value even outside of Limited. Smoldering Marsh and Wandering Fumarole are great lands for the decks that need them. Prized Amalgam is still shambling about.

#10: Bedlam Reveler

Bedlam Reveler is in the blue/red Fevered Visions burn deck, typically hanging out in the sideboard for the matchups that go longer. Cycling your hand and landing a solid body are, just sometimes, what the deck wants to do.


#9: Harmless Offering

Harmless Offering is your official cast tax of this post, and it's also the lynchpin of the Cat Pact deck with Demonic Pact. It's the combo everyone wanted to see, now proven to be a Standard contender.


#8: Thing in the Ice

There's another way to tackle burning opponents out in Standard, and it's basically the same blue/red burn deck but with Thing in the Ice packed in for more value. The monster has been in all of the blue-based spells decks since its release, and it's no surprise it keeps popping up. As long as a blue deck filled with spells works in Standard, Thing in the Ice will be cool to play.

#7: Pilgrim's Eye

Pilgrim's Eye is a sweet card for emerge decks. Three mana to find a land, get a flying blocker into play, and set up a likely discount on emerging something big is great value for any creature. Robert Santana took Pilgrim's Eye all the way to the top at Grand Prix Portland, and we're now on board with breaking out one of my favorite Commander commons.

It was a common originally, and it still is to me.


#6: Collective Defiance

Collective Defiance burns players, kills creatures, and cycles your hand into more gas. There's little to wonder about why it's a feature of the blue/red burn decks.

#5: Dread of Night

Dread of Night is one of the interesting wrinkles to appear this week. As players look at Legacy in the wake of Conspiracy: Take the Crown it's clear decks like Death & Taxes will grow in popularity. Dread of Night may not hit Sanctum Prelate, but it does dispatch suppot cards like Recruiter of the Guard, Mother of Runes, and Flickerwisp.

It also fits neatly in a sideboard until it's needed.


#4: Grapple with the Past

Grapple with the Past is one of the great ways green-based delirium decks pick up value. Turning on delirium while getting back a crucial tool is hard to ignore, and it works as intended. (See Robert Santana's Grand Prix-winning deck above!)

#3: Incendiary Flow

Incendiary Flow is sticking around the top of our top-selling lists because it's among the most efficient burn spells in Standard. It doesn't matter it's a sorcery. It's two mana and hits faces for 3 damage. It works, and everyone needs a four-of set for building decks.

#2: Fevered Visions

Fevered Vision was the top seller on Monday, and ranks second just a few days laters. Blue-Red Fevered Visions burn (again, see above) is great. Here's another Fever song to hold you over:

#1: Collective Brutality

Collective Brutality takes the top slot today but it was a close call. Collective Brutality isn't always easy to use, but decks like Jund Delirium and the B/R Madness builds floating around can put it to great use. Now everyone's copies are ready for FNM tonight.

Join us Monday when we get a look at how players react to the SCG Invitational and the latest tech that gets thrown down. See you then!