Is Modern about to hit a shakeup? The rumor mill was flying over the weekend about Bloodbraid Elf being playable in the latest beta build of Magic Online, and (spoiler alert) a quick move to buy playsets of the long-gone from Modern Elf occurred.

It's a good thing mistakes and Magic Online never happen, and clearly this is a Banned & Reserved List change over a month before it can actually roll out.


For the rest of the list, Standard stayed stable with plenty of things that go in decks whose names rhyme with Can't Accompany selling well. Let's look at the weekend's top sellers.

Bonus: The Best of the Rest

Howlpack Resurgence is what makes budget Werewolves so promising. Voldaren Pariah is hard to beat when its working as intended. Grasp of Darkness is near-universal removal, particularly since Dragonlord Ojutai hasn't been around recently. Grim Flayer is one of those delirium cards making its way into Modern. Even Conspiracy: Take the Crown booster boxes got in on the top-selling action.


#10: Cryptbreaker

Zombies are fighting—well, shambling—for Standard relevance. Cryptbreaker is a draw engine that plays nicely with Dark Salvation and other power-ups for the darkest (but not dankest) tribal deck.

Eric Hawkins chose U/B Zombies for the Standard portion of the SCG Invitational over the weekend, and battled to a Top 8 appearance thanks in part to his undead army:


#9: Bedlam Reveler

Blue/red Fevered Visions Burn continues to be both a Standard contender and champion for "I don't want to play Bant Company!" folks. Miles Rodriguez made it his Standard deck of choice for the Invitational weekend, and it played a huge role in his run into the Top 8:


#8: Prized Amalgam

You can see what Eric Hawkins did with Prized Amalgam above (see also Haunted Dead for value) or hit the Wayback Machine for a fun trip into Corbin Hosler learning Modern Dredge:


#7: Fevered Visions

See Bedlam Reveler above to understand more about the success of Fevered Visions.

#6: Collective Defiance

#5: Thermo-Alchemist

#4: Incendiary Flow

#3: Fiery Temper

What do Collective Defiance, Thermo-Alchemist, Incendiary Flow and Fiery Temper all have in commons? They, too, are part of the explosive and fun blue/red Fevered Visions Burn deck. Collected Company might be the lynchpin of the best deck, and emerge might be the mechanic that proved itself at Pro Tour Eldritch Moon, but it's the deck playing commons and uncommons to kill opponents getting the most love in Standard purchases.

Budgets matter, folks. Not everyone can chase down Liliana, the Last Hope, even if you'll find the best prices for her only at!

#2: Collective Brutality

Collective Brutality sees edge play in Standard, supporting B/R Madness and black delirium decks. But it's also another card to edge into Modern thanks to everyone's favorite deck: Dredge. Tom Ross picked up the hottest deck of the format for his Top 8 run at the Invitational over the weekend, and Ross Merriam brought the tech to take him to the Top 4 of the Modern Open.

Not bad.



#1: Bloodbraid Elf

Bloodbraid Elf was the top-selling card over the weekend. Bloodbraid Elf is not in Standard, and hasn't for several years. Bloodbraid Elf was famously banned from Modern after Jund felt like an unstoppable machine of victory—which is mostly still is today. (Mad props to Jadine Klomparens for her run with definitely-didn't-play-Bloodbraid Elf all the way to the finals of the Invitational.)


Bloodbraid Elf is marginally playable in Legacy, as Punishing Jund has pushed into Top 8 appearances, like at the Legacy Classic in Syracuse two week ago.


So why the fuss? It turns out the beta client for Magic Online has Bloodbraid Elf as Modern legal.

We're over a month away from any updates to the Banned & Restricted List, and Wizards has made it abundantly clear that updates only happen when a new Standard set hits (That's Kaladesh, coming September 30). Jund is doing exceptionally well without the big Elf—see Jadine's deck above.

If you want to buy in to the hype, that's fine. Our stance is that you should strongly consider buying cards you plan to play, and that Punishing Jund is probably not the best deck in Legacy for tomorrow's tournament.

That's all for the weekend wrap up. Join us Friday as Conspiracy: Take the Crown hype hits full steam for release. See you then!