It's July 4th here in the United States, but that's just another day for the rest of the world. Magic keeps moving even if everyone around me is too busy cooking and lighting fireworks to follow along, so let's dive into another look at what Eldritch Moon preview season is doing to the top-sold cards.

Honorable Mentions

Elder Deep-Fiend is the only Eldritch Moon card to fall outside the Top 10. (Emerge is tricky to judge but players are warming up to it.) As discard and delirium ideas look better for Standard, Mindwrack Demon is rising along with them. Deathcap Cultivator is another delirium-benefitting pick for the potential future of Standard. Traverse the Ulvenwald fixed mana or finds what you need with delirium, something Conley has covered well.

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#10: Thought-Knot Seer

The Eldrazi are still looking good, and Thought-Knot Seer is among the most versatile and strongest. Good rate. Great hand disruption. It's a cornerstone of more Eldrazi builds in Standard, Modern and beyond.


#9: Reality Smasher

Eldrazi decks need a finisher, and Reality Smasher is tough enough to deal with it works. Trample and haste on an efficient body is already fine, but the guaranteed two-for-one against any targeted removal is what keep the Smasher smashing.

#8: Oath of Nissa

There are so many great Planeswalkers in Standard right now, and with Tamiyo, Field Researcher joining them it's clear the train isn't stopping. While setting up a "Superfriends" deck is one feature of Oath of Nissa, another is to use it to add Chandra, Flamecaller to a deck without any sources of red mana. It was a mathematically sound call that propelled Raph to his sixth lifetime Grand Prix victory.


#7: Ever After

Ever After looks just like a plant to meld cards would. When you want to buy back Gisela, the Broken Blade and Bruna, the Fading Light to make an Eldrazi Angel then look no further than Ever After.

#6: Harmless Offering

Donate is back in Standard. Harmless Offering has a few obvious tricks—see Demonic Pact—but what's remaining for reveal in Eldritch Moon may tip the scales a little harder. It's also some of the greatest art to grace a Magic card in a long time.

There, I said it. I hope you're happy.

#5: Triskaidekaphobia

Tree of Perdition makes Triskaidekaphobia look great. Sales indicate players agree. Expect to see the combo at your first Eldritch Moon FMN. And second. And, in all likelihood, every FMN until some other sweet combo comes along. (I've got my fingers crossed for Kaladesh.)

#4: Prized Amalgam

Gisa and Geralf are the upcoming hub to a powerful Zombie deck. Whether that deck's good enough for Standard will be another story. In the meanwhile, Prized Amalgam is already making waves in Modern Dredge, a definitely real deck that's definitely a bit trickier to play then it looks. Corbin put himself to the test to figure it out and share just how resilient it is against the Modern field:


#3: Relentless Dead

More Zombies. More fun. Relentless Dead is a value engine in Zombie decks, and if you're planning on shambling to Standard victory after Eldritch Moon hits you'll want to start here.

Wedge even did a bit of the work to get you started:


#2: Diregraf Colossus

Diregraf Colossus? See above.

#1: Matter Reshaper

Quick question: What's one of the best creatures to pay emerge costs in Standard? If you said Matter Reshaper, then you're probably right. Nevermind that Eldrazi are hitting hard in every format—even Limited again soon—creatures like Matter Reshaper are poised to make emerge work better than expected soon.

What else is going to shake things up? Keep an eye on the latest preorders for Eldritch Moon here at to see it coming.