#11: Ammit Eternal

#10: Solemnity

#9: Hour of Devastation

#8: Island

#7: Swamp

#6: Liliana's Defeat

#5: Earthshaker Khenra

#4: Fraying Sanity

#3: Supreme Will

#2: Champion of Wits

#1: Abrade

Video Transcript

Good morning! Or afternoon, or evening, or whatever it is wherever you're watching this. I'm Jon Corpora, managing editor of magic.tcgplayer.com, and we're counting down the best-selling cards from last weekend, the first bit of action from Hour of Devastation Standard.

Ammit Eternal is the latest Zombie to make a splash in the Pro Tour-winning Zombies archetype. A 5/5 for three mana? Sign me up.

Solemnity has real blowout potential, but uh… I don't know what deck it's good against. I think this is just a Commander card, but we'll see. The effect is really powerful! It's just not clear what the application for it is in competitive formats yet.

Hour of Devastation has turned Standard upside down, to players' delight. The card beats Mardu Vehicles virtually single-handedly, resulting in a wide-open Standard metagame to explore. For my money, Hour of Devastation is the best card in Hour of Devastation. Redundancy!

Good ol' lands. The Island and Swamp of Hour of Devastation showed up in the top 10, and the other three basic lands were spread out among the top 25 best-sellers of the weekend. If history tells us anything, they'll only go up from here.

Hm. Of all the cards in this cycle, I wouldn't expect Liliana's Defeat to be the one to crack the top 10. Perhaps it's because Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh is a Planeswalker. Maybe it's a nod to all the Zombies decks running around. I have no idea!

A mono-red aggro deck made the top 8 of last weekend's SCG Open, and Earthshaker Khenra played a big role in its success. The card was good all weekend, and if mono-red aggro continues to be a player in Standard, Earthshaker Khenra will be there.

Fraying Sanity is a mill card, and people like to do that. I don't know why.

The few times Supreme Will was on camera last weekend, it was pretty impressive. It's never truly a dead card, which is probably why it ranks so high this week.

Champion of Wits is exactly what the combo-esque emerge decks needed: a way to dump Prized Amalgam and Haunted Dead in the graveyard as well as a way for the deck to generate some advantage in the late game. Emerge is one of the early contenders of Hour of Devastation Standard, and Champion of Wits is a big reason why.

The big winner from Hour of Devastation, though, is Abrade. If Hour of Devastation spells doom for Mardu Vehicles, Abrade is what lets the control decks live long enough to cast it. Abrade destroys Heart of Kiran and most of Mardu Vehicles' supporting cast and has wide applications throughout Standard. These days, you need four copies of Abrade to play Standard, and the best-sellers from the weekend bear that out.

So there you have it. Let us know what you thought about the video, and be sure to check out the other stuff we've got going on on the site. You'll probably like it. I think that's a pretty safe assumption. See you Friday!

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora