#11: Champion of Wits

#10: Mirage Mirror

#9: Mountain

#8: Ramunap Ruins

#7: Swamp

#6: Supreme Will

#5: Earthshaker Khenra

#4: Cataclysmic Gearhulk

#3: Angel of Invention

#2: Abrade

#1: God-Pharaoh's Gift

Video Transcript

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, wherever you happen to be. This is Super Sellers, the twice-weekly video where we count down the best-selling cards from the last few days. There was a lot of action over the weekend so we're getting right into it.

Champion of Wits slipped a little from Friday's Super Sellers, but it's still holding strong. The slip in Champion of Wits' rank is likely due to the ascent of mono-red in the early stages of Hour of Devastation Standard. Once the format normalizes a little bit, Champion of Wits' sales will recover.

Mirage Mirror also slipped a little bit, but that doesn't mean a thing. The card is still great, and its desirability in casual formats make it a strong investment — something that'll keep value or slowly climb for a while. Be wary though — Mirage Mirror is exactly the kind of card they like to reprint in Commander decks. Still, though — who doesn't want to say they have an original Mirage Mirror from Hour of Devastation?

The mono-red deck in Standard is for real, thanks in large part to Ramunap Ruins. In 2017, mono-red decks are capable of dealing 20 damage with just their manabase! Barbarian Ring never had it this good.

The only two basic lands to make the top ten this week are Swamp and Mountain, likely because two of standard's best aggressive decks require either a lot of Mountains or a lot of Swamps. That simple.

Supreme Will finally takes a little bit of a dive in the rankings, but it's still holding strong in the top ten. Mono-red's ascendence in Standard has had a huge ripple effect, and the fact of the matter is that Supreme Will isn't very mana-efficient when it's up against a deck with a lot of two-drops. Blue decks will still want it, but for the time being, blue decks are being pushed out of the spotlight.

Earthshaker Khenra is one of the cards doing the pushing. This card is fantastic, and will prove to be a menace in Standard. There's an argument to be made that the mono-red deck couldn't exist in Standard without Earthshaker Khenra.

The big news over the weekend is that a God-Pharaoh's Gift deck surfaced, featuring Gate to the Afterlife to power out God-Pharaoh's Gift alongside Strategic Planning to get the mill going, and Cataclysmic Gearhulk as a spicy God-Pharaoh's Gift target. When all the decks in Standard are trying to flood the board to deal with Earthshaker Khenra, Cataclysmic Gearhulk really shines.

Angel of Invention also showed up in the God-Pharaoh's Gift deck. Before, it was a little piece of sideboard tech for the White-Blue Monument deck , but this week, it's getting reccured with God-Pharaoh's Gift for big damage. Angel of Invention and Cataclysmic Gearhulk are both relatively inexpensive mythic rares, so it's unsurprising to see players load up on those two cards.

I'm calling it right now: Abrade will be near the top of the list all the way until Ixalan is released. It's efficient, it's better than Harnessed Lightning in certain spots, and it's new, which means players don't already have it yet.

And our best-seller this week is God-Pharaoh's Gift! This deck won a Pro Tour Qualifier over the weekend. I would be scared to play God-Pharaoh's Gift with all the Abrades floating around, but apparently the deck can stand up to maindeck artifact removal. I want to say this is a flash in the pan, but there is a lot of sweet stuff going on in the deck, and it's cheap… for now. I have no doubt that Cataclysmic Gearhulk and Angel of Invention will experience a slight price spike, but once their prices stabilize, I'll probably pick up this deck and see how it runs for myself. It looks like a blast; milling yourself feels weird at first, but it's a good time.

Welp, that's all we've got this week. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you enjoyed this, and if you didn't — let us know why! We read all the comments always all the time, so if you saw or heard something you didn't like, let us know! Or y'know if you liked this and you want to see more of it, let us know that too. We like the shout outs too. See you Friday!

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