You're an expert on Eldritch Moon now, right? We've had the set for about 72 hours, giving everyone ample time to totally understand all of Eldritch Moon's new toys.

Well, at least most buy a few cards they think are going to work.

With the latest sales numbers in it's time to see how the market reacted to the entirety of Eldritch Moon. Let's get started.

Bonus: The Best of the Rest

Cryptbreaker is a Zombie deck's dream. Eldritch Evolution is climbing its way back into the Top 10. Gurmag Angler is a Modern combo with one of the Eldritch Moon cards in the Top 10. Liliana, the Last Hope took home the dubious honor of bubble girl, coming in at #11.

#10: Spirit of the Labyrinth

What is a card from Born of the Gods doing in the Top 10 after the reveal of Eldritch Moon? Predicting the future of Standard is a pressing question for everyone qualified for the Pro Tour right now, but other formats matter too. In modern, Spirit of the Labyrinth is already an efficient way to slow down an opponent that's drawing extra cards. Add in something like Geier Reach Sanitarium and you turn off its drawback, transforming it into a powerful card draw engine.

Of course, there are other cards in Modern that cause both players to draw cards that benefit from what Spirit of the Labyrinth offers, including the forebearer of Geier Reach Sanitarium: Mikokoro, Center of the Sea. Maybe Spirit of the Labyrinth isn't what it's cracked up to be?

#9: Ishkanah, Grafwidow

Who doesn't love a legendary Spider that can drain opponents out. With things like Arachnogenesis, Spider Spawning and Swarmyard for Commander it's clear our new Spider overlord is ready for 100-card battle. More pressing in Standard, Ishkanah, Grafwidow blocks well, survives Archangel Avacyn transforming as well as Languish, and drops a pile of Spider Tokens into play if you've set up delirium. Uncontested, it'll win the game, but either way, it buys time for other answers.

Someone's going to make the deck that pulls opponents into their trap web.

#8: Bygone Bishop

Spirits are making their run as the Next Best Standard Tribal Deckā„¢. Spell Queller (spoiler alert) appears higher on this list, along with Rattlechains. If using Plains and Islands to cast Spirits, draw cards, and counter spells sounds like your thing then keep an eye out for a sweet decklist soon.

#7: Traverse the Ulvenwald

Hitting delirium is going to be more important for Standard post-Eldritch Moon, and Traverse the Ulvenwald helps on both sides. Early, it's a quick sorcery into the graveyard for fixing your mana. Late, it's a one-mana tutor that finds one of the best delirium cards in your deck. There isn't much to not love about the little green spell.

#6: Spell Queller

I told you Spell Queller appeared higher in the Top 10. Countering a spell via delay, particularly in conjunction with Rattlechains and other ways to help protect it (see Always Watching, et al.) puts Spirits into an aggressive tempo angle that white and blue work best in. Expect the flying inquisition.

#5: Elder Deep-Fiend

Elder Deep-Fiend is one of the best emerge creatures to appear in Eldritch Moon. Flash lets it upcycle something on the business end of a removal spell. Its meaty 5/6 size dodges a ton of removal. Tapping down permanents is a rare-to-see-these-days ability to lock down lands during someone's upkeep, and it's an "when this is cast" trigger on top of it all.

Not bad for an Eldrazi Octopus.

#4: Rattlechains

As alluded to earlier, Rattlechains is the highest-ranked Spirit in the Top 10 and its ability set already made it a Standard standout in Saito's U/R Fliers deck. In the Spirits deck, Rattlechains is still a flier with flash for two mana, but also protects Bygone Bishop, Spell Queller or any other Spirit.

Don't say you weren't warned.

#3: Coax from the Blind Eternities

Control and combo decks love effects like Burning Wish and Living Wish. Coax from the Blind Eternities promises to turn sideboards into a tutor box for the game-ending finisher, leaving the rest of a deck built to take control or set up a game-ending combo. With all of the Eldrazi titans available, along with a plethora of other Eldrazi of every shape and size (and mana cost) to choose from, Coax from the Blind Eternities is a rare way to effectively expand maindeck slots.

Use it wisely.

#2: Distended Mindbender

Another one of the best emerge creatures in the set, getting to rip two cards from an opponent's hand (of your choice, and assuming you hit both the above three and below four riders) is pretty great. And fortunately our top-sold card is one of the keys to unlocking the power of emerge in competitive decks.

Oh, and you get a 5/5 out of the deal too. It's nice.

#1: Matter Reshaper

Matter Reshaper is already a fine card for Standard and Modern. It replaces itself, trade well, and is easy to cast assuming you've configured your mana correctly. While Eldritch Evolution is one way to go, the power and size of the top emerge creatures means going bigger with splashy effects is more appealing. Matter Reshaper can fight early and get upsized into a larger body all while effectively drawing you a card.

What a deal.

Join us later this week for our look back at the top-sellers from Shadows over Innistrad as well as our look forward with what the best pre-sellers from Eldritch Moon have been so far. We can't wait to dig into the data to share it with you. See you then!