#10: Swarm Intelligence

#9: Mirage Mirror

#8: Driven // Despair

#7: Swamp

#6: Abrade

#5: Bontu's Last Reckoning

#4: Supreme Will

#3: Torment of Hailfire

#2: Fraying Sanity

#1: Dreamstealer

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to another edition of Weekend Super Sellers, where we count down the cards that sold the best on tcgplayer.com over the weekend. I'm Jon Corpora, managing editor of magic.tcgplayer, and I count down our best-sellers twice a week on Mondays and Fridays. Let's get into it.

I opened Swarm Intelligence at the prerelease last weekend. I did not play it! Hopefully players are better than me at finding applications for this card.

Mirage Mirror has loads of applications across all kinds of formats. Commander players will love having another pseudo-Sculpting Steel, Standard players are gonna copy all sorts of fatties, and in Legacy, you can Clone a Dark Depths and get the 20/20 Marit Lage Token. Noice.

Despair is nice and all — giving your creatures menace is cool — but I'm looking forward to the Driven half of Driven // Despair. If trample doesn't tickle your fancy, drawing a ton of cards will.

The full-art basics in Hour of Devastation are slightly different than their Amonkhet counterparts, but they all look great.

Abrade is almost guaranteed to see Standard play — it kills almost everything in Mardu Vehicles and can even take out stuff like Winding Constrictor or an early Longtusk Cub.

I'm not as high on Bontu's Last Reckoning as the Magic playerbase at large seems to be. You essentially Time Walk yourself in order for access to a slightly-cheaper creatures sweeper? Not a fan. If your defense for Bontu's Last Reckoning is "well, you can play it late in the game!" then I'd recommend literally any other sweeper. It's not like you can cast Bontu's Last Reckoning and hold up a Supreme Will to counter their follow-up, that doesn't work.

Speaking of Supreme Will, Supreme Will is another card, like Abrade, that offers versatility and is virtually guaranteed to see play in Standard. If Standard keeps trending toward inbred midrange mirrors, Supreme Will's Mana Leak mode will be good later than in games than usual.

Fraying Sanity… because people love milling. I don't think anyone thinks this card is going to be the next broken combo, so let's move on.

This week's top selling card is Dreamstealer! I think people are more excited about eternalizing this one — discarding four cards when it hits is really good, and it's selling well because it's one of the more under-the-radar rares of the set.

And there you have it. All our best-selling cards this week were Hour of Devastation presales. The focus on the new set looks to be more casual-based so far, but we'll have a better idea of Standard's players after this weekend's action. See you Friday!

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora