The drafts have happened. The Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers using it occurred. Eternal Masters led to plenty of excitement over a weekend dominated by two Legacy Grands Prix. Now we get to look back and see what really happened after the packs were busted and Top 8 decks were posted.

It's actually more interesting than you think.

Honorable Mentions

Nobody is dozing on picking up Daze again. Bring to Light is on the fringe of Modern, meaning it's a budget choice for all sorts of combo decks. Gitaxian Probe is still among the most annoying and played Phyrexian mana cards from New Phyrexia. Reality Smasher is still smashing around in Standard and Modern, and even Legacy and Vintage if you look in the right places.

#10: Lambholt Pacifist

Lambholt Pacifist is one of the powerful pieces of aggressive decks, sometimes showing up in Tokens builds but mostly sitting as a mainstay in Bant or White-Green Humans decks. After Seth Manfield picked up the win with White-Green Tokens in Costa Rica, he updated his list for another weekend of Standard.

Lambholt Pacifist was still there:


#9: Eternal Masters Booster Box


It's not a card but it's filled with them. Each booster pack of Eternal Masters could be anything, even another pack of Eternal Masters!

#8: Entomb

Entomb is a real card in Legacy, and Reanimator is a real archetype. It made Top 8 at Grand Prix Columbus. Chalk one up for Eternal Masters awesome.


#7: Deathrite Shaman

Deathrite Shaman is too good for Modern, and decks like Grixis Delver (another part of the Top 8 at Grand Prix Columbus) illustrate why:


#6: Tireless Tracker

Tireless Tracker saw Legacy action in the hands of Magnus Lantto at the 2016 Magic Online Championship, and Grand Prix Seattle champion Jarvis Yu agreed that the Tracker makes the cut in his take on Lands.

It's also the deck he won with in Seattle. It's also the deck he made Top 8 with in Columbus over the weekend. Sideboard value creatures are now a permanent thing for Legacy Lands.


#5: Wasteland

Wasteland is among Legacy's cornerstone cards. It's in plenty of decks, far too powerful for Standard or Modern, and comes from an era of Magic where it was printed as a common alongside Rolling Thunder at common.

While Lands and Delver decks already showed it off but Legacy's premier aggro deck is Death & Taxes, and it was good enough for the Top 8 of Grand Prix Prague:


#4: Eternal Masters Booster Pack


If a box was too rich for your taste, a few booster packs to pop in glee (or supply for your local draft) is a great alternative.

#3: Day's Undoing

Playing the Prison deck in Standard is all the rage among players that enjoy inflicting unnecessary suffering and cruelty upon their opponents—or at least surprising them with something unexpected that's becoming slightly more expected. Day's Undoing it a big part of that.


#2: Counterspell

Counterspell is another cornerstone card of Legacy. From Magic's "creatures are terrible, spells are the greatest" era, Counterspell sits at the top of every Island-loving Standard player's reprint wish list. In Legacy, Miracles was on a tear with six of the sixteen Top 8 slots over the two Grands Prix. Christopher Walton's Miracles build is a good example of why:


#1: Rattlechains

With all the Eternal Masters and Legacy action over the weekend it was easy to lose sight of the juggernaut of Magic in the room: Standard. The most popular Constructed format is still a mover and shaker thanks to a fun format filled with fringe options that actually work. Saito's Blue-Red Flyers had gotten sales nods every week since its debut, and this week is no different:


Join us later this week for a Shadows over Innistrad sales retrospective as we gear up for the preview season of Eldritch Moon at the end of the month. See you then!