Look. I can tell you what sold well over the weekend, and that's an interesting wrinkle of data to consider. But let's be honest: W/G Tokens decks are still dominating, and World Champion Seth Manfield won again at Grand Prix Costa Rica.

Congratulations, AGAIN, to @SethManfield proving his top rank at #gpcostarica! Well done! pic.twitter.com/GTz2WxsvkI

— Magic.TCGplayer.com (@MTGatTCGplayer) June 6, 2016

Now if you're really interested in what sold Friday through Sunday, it's here too. Just make sure you get your token deck ready for Standard too: It's the real deal.

#1: Rattlechains

Blue-Red Flyers is still a budget Standard options, and still selling well. It turns out odd, aggressive decks attract a following. Maybe that's why r/FishMTG is actually a thing. (Corbin Hosler is obviously an active member too.)


#2: Diregraf Colossus

A powerful card for a currently budget Tribal Standard deck? Eldritch Moon is poised to bolster Zombies (and Werewolves and probably Spirits and Humans too) and getting in now is as good as it gets.

For a reminder, Wedge covered what Zombies can already do on a penny-pinching approach to Standard:


#3: Call the Gatewatch


Tutors are almost always good, as Open the Armory's recent presence in top sellers confirmed. Call the Gatewatch seems like a likely card to see action as more and more planeswalkers make their way into the top Standard decks.

#4: Day's Undoing

Frank Karsten fell in love with Martin Müller's Mono-Blue Prison Deck at Grand Prix Manchester, and took it to Grand Prix Costa Rica. With both Müller and Karsten doing well with it, the power of prison and cards like Day's Undoing in Standard is real.

I guess the unbreakable can be broken.


#5: Thalia's Lieutenant

Humans decks are on the prowl, and Thalia's Lieutenant is a key piece of them. Tom Ross took a White-Red Humans build to the top of the SCG Open over the weekend, proving you don't need Planeswalkers to take home a trophy in Standard:


#6: Jace's Sanctum

#7: Engulf the Shore

Jace's Sanctum and Engulf the Shore are both key parts to the Mono-Blue Prison deck. Making a misery of your opponents in Standard has been a hot ticket since Grand Prix Manchester.

#8: Eldrazi Displacer

Eldrazi Displacer, if you haven't heard, is pretty good. Both Modern and Standard are seeing plenty of action for the "white" Eldrazi, and anyone that thought Bant Company wasn't good for Standard anymore was wrong as Brian Braun-Duin marched to the Top 8 of Grand Prix Costa Rica with it:


#9: Duskwatch Recruiter

Oh. Yeah. Duskwatcher Recruiter is still good too. Oliver Tiu went to the Top 8 of Grand Prix Costa Rica as well in an Eldrazi Displacer-less build of Bant Company. Both decks, of course, ran the Recruiter for the card value engine it is.


#10: Drowner of Hope

Drowner of Hope is a big part of the Bant Eldrazi deck in Modern. It's a deck that continues to see success in in the format, firmly put on the radar with Pascal Maynard's Grand Prix Los Angeles Top 8 a few weeks ag:


Bonus: The Best of the Rest

Reality Smasher is a Modern player with limited Standard use. Thraben Inspector is possibly the best one-drop in Standard right now. Goldnight Castigator is the mythic component of Saito's Blue-Red Flyers deck. Oath of Nissa lets you cheat on mana if you're trying to splash a Planeswalker into a Grand Prix-winning deck (the Raphaël Lévy play).

Join us Friday was we celebrate the release of Eternal Masters and take a look at how a Standard dominated by aggressive creature decks gets attacked. See you then!