Jon's out this week, meaning you'll have to deal with me for your Super Sellers fix. Like Jon I have plenty of data and ideas to share with you. Unlike Jon, my humor is a bit for mundane—dry, if you will. If you're thirsting for over-the-top exposition you'll find it's a desert here.

Just like some of our top-selling cards.

Also, Hour of Devastation has arrived to the countdown. Thanks, Wizards, for the sweet set.

Honorable Mentions


Abrade isn't necessarily an exciting card, but it's a wrinkle on the "3 damage for two mana red removal spell" worth keeping an eye on. Its three features make it a likely standout in the Standard to come: It's an instant that's cheap and can also be Shatter. With Vehicles and even Metalworks Colossus running around you'll want a playset on hand.


Solemnity is a combo waiting to happen. Yes, it "stops" energy and poison and -1/-1 counters, but it's really going to be obnoxious in a deck looking to break counters on things. Vizier of Remedies has leaped out as an uncommon card of Modern value, so it isn't a leap of logic to see how Solemnity will fuel even more broken things.

Ammit Eternal

Speaking of cards that get good with Solemnity, Ammit Eternal is a Zombie card ready to rock in Standard. Between the aforementioned enchantment and Vizier of Remedies, setting up a cheap threat is straightforward. Combine that with ways to remove -1/-1 counters and more cards that can be abused in similar ways you can see why some players are moving in on Ammit Eternal early.

#10: Claim // Fame

Claim // Fame buys back Vizier of Remedies, Longtusk Cub, Servant of the Conduit, Winding Constrictor, Deathrite Shaman, Snapcaster Mage, Stoneforge Mystic, Tarmogoyf, Baleful Strix, Young Pyromancer, Dark Confidant and Jace, Vryn's Prodigy among many, many more.

Enough said.

#9: Dusk // Dawn

Dusk // Dawn was a Wrath of God waiting to be good. Now it's coming around, thanks to all the tools control decks have already in Standard.

With even more Control elements floating around in Hour of Devastation you can expect to see more Dusk // Dawn in the months to come.

#8: Driven // Despair

Driven // Despair is a house. Watching it work brutal magic over Marshall Sutcliffe during the Pre-Prerelease, it's obvious that aftermath cards are a tier higher in Hour of Devastation. For four mana, an uncontested Driven // Despair is hard to beat and probably locks in a win as well. Even better, both modes can do work independently—drawing cards is great for forcing blocks, and menace can make blocking late impossible. Sweet card.

#7: Bontu's Last Reckoning

Will the downside of skipping untapping lands be worth a three-mana Day of Judgment? Bontu's Last Reckoning will force players to find the answer, but some have already decided it's "Yes."

#6: Supreme Will

Supreme Will is Impulse or Mana Leak, packed as a choice onto a three-mana card. If you didn't believe there were Control deck signposts in Hour of Devastation, I don't know how to help you from here.

#5: Hour of Revelation

Dusk // Dawn and Bontu's Lack Reckoning aren't the only board wipes looking good. Hour of Revelation might be a little tougher to cast in Standard—unless you're base white mana by far—but looking at multiplayer changes the calculus. With four or five players in a game, hitting the 10 non-land permanent tipping point is elementary. The fact it hits Planeswalkers puts this in a rare category of answers every Commander player will want: Triple white mana is a Bargain to reset the battlefield.

#4: Ramunap Excavator

Who doesn't love Crucible of Worlds? While it's been out of Standard for ages, Ramunap Excavator brings it back in a big way. Green is already the king of lands in formats like Commander—making the Excavator a no-brainer there—but with Deserts that die for effects there's a reasonable chance to live the multiplayer dream in duels.

Also it's another way to Strip Mine lock someone, which is apparently some players' favorite way to "interact" with opponents.

#3: Hour of Devastation

So red gets a board wipe too? Hour of Devastation deals with almost all of the creatures that see play in Standard, and it mops up Planeswalkers as well. As someone that generally doesn't like (or play) Planeswalkers I'm all for ways to make them suffer, but at some point Hour of Devastation has to ease up on the annihilation.

#2: Hour of Promise

Hour of Promise is, finally, an Hour that doesn't lead to things blowing up! I'll just grabe Cabal Coffers and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and be on my Commander way.

#1: Hostile Desert

It's colorless! It eats fetch lands to become a creature! It works with Evolving Wilds and cycling duals! Hostile Desert is a creature land that can dodge most Wrath of God effects while making the most of a card type that usually just sits in the graveyard for the entire game. "Blow up the world, attack with a land" isn't the worst plan, and players already agree.

Plus, Sylvan Advocate is still a thing. It's still months until Battle for Zendikar and friends go away.