#14: Cast Out

#13: Sweltering Suns

#12: Sheltered Thicket

#11: Aether Hub

#10: Censor

#9: Fatal Push

#8: Ceremonious Rejection

#7: Harnessed Lightning

#6: Plains

#5: Island

#4: Mountain

#3: Forest

#2: Swamp

#1: Dubious Challenge

Video Transcript

What up, nerds of the multiverse? My name's Jon Corpora, I'm the Managing Editor at http://magic.tcgplayer.com, and it's time yet again for that column we all love. Let's dive into the best-selling cards of the weekend in another edition of Super Sellers.

Since everyone suddenly remembered Spell Queller exists, white decks are coming back into the spotlight, meaning new white cards like Cast Out can crack the Top 10.

We were on schedule for another three-mana red sweeper like Slagstorm and Anger of the Gods, and Sweltering Suns is my favorite of the three. It gets swarms of little creatures dead, and it's maindeckable, since it can be cycled away in matchups where there are no little creatures to lay waste to.

Sheltered Thicket remains the best-selling cycling land from Amonkhet because it makes red and green mana, and all the best energy decks are red and green, which means all the best Standard decks are red and green. Energy is so strong that Aether Hub, a card from a set that came out almost a year ago, is still selling stong.

Censor is quite simply the biggest blowout there ever was and ever will be. Card just rules. Cycling is so great. Can we just have cycling forever?

Fatal Push sees play in Standard, Modern, and Legacy. Expect to see it on this list forever and ever.

Ceremonious Rejection continues its climb up the Super Sellers Ladder of Chaos, and for good reason — the card's great against a lot of Standard's most powerful cards and has wide applications. It's even got potential in Eternal formats like Legacy and Vintage. Mark my words.

Harnessed Lightning is still Standard's best removal spell, which is crazy considering it's up against Fatal Push. It's a great card that's cheap in the early game and scales up in the lategame. It's awesome.

The full-art lands continue to sell really well, but this week, the number-one spot goes to…

Dubious Challenge! Um… yeah. Someone clearly thought they broke it and bought a bunch of copies of Dubious Challenge. They didn't break it. I'm telling you right now that they didn't break it. I promise. Dubious Challenge is a bad card and someone bought it because it only cost pennies to buy, and it only cost pennies to buy because it's bad. Don't follow the leader on this one. Don't buy this card. See you Friday.

Jon Corpora
Pronounced Ca-pora