Hell yeah. This week is going to rule. It's all (FINE, mostly all) Modern Masters 2017 cards, which I can't wait to draft. I'm generally wary of Limited formats with Signets in them, since formats tend to warp around them, but I trust Sam Stoddard and Adam Prosak to deliver an awesome Limited experience.

Let's get after it.

#10: Serum Visions

This week's list is going to contain less specs than most; despite the perception that this column can, at times, unfortunately perpetuate, the vast majority of Buyers on our platform are not speculators. The common trend you'll see today is that Modern Masters 2017 has brought the prices on cards down, making buying them much more painless.

#8: Goblin Guide

(I know I skipped #9. We're gonna jump around this week. It'll all make sense when it's done, I promise.)

Goblin Guide's been written about a lot, I imagine. I don't actually know; I wasn't playing Magic when Zendikar was printed. Goblin Guide's impact on Magic, though, has been massive. It's a first pick in most cubes it's in and it made Burn an archetype in Modern basically all by itself, providing the baseline for a creature's value in the deck. The drawback is realish, but minimal when factoring in the impact a 2/2 for one with haste can have. A redundancy of them would probably be bad for the health of Modern — Monastery Swiftspear is likely the closest Clone we're going to get.

#5: Path to Exile

"Swords to Plowshares with a different drawback" ended up being a doozy. The drawback on Path to Exile is sizable, much more real than the one on Goblin Guide, but its effect is so good that white Modern decks max out on them anyway.

#3: Fatal Push

Not only did it get knocked down from the top spot, but Fatal Push is also the only Aether Revolt card on today's Top 10. I will be writing about Fatal Push for the rest of my life. I often have dreams where I'm running from something, and I look back and it's just a person-sized copy of Fatal Push floating towards me. It's awful.

#9: Marsh Flats

#7: Arid Mesa

#6: Misty Rainforest

#4: Verdant Catacombs

#2: Scalding Tarn

The fetchlands were likely the most hotly-anticipated reprints in Modern Masters 2017, and the fact that they were reprinted at rare will slash their price point, triggering an influx of players previously priced out of Modern.

#1: Inquisition of Kozilek

Inquisition of Kozilek at #1 will make more sense to longtime followers of the column; Serum Visions and Inquisition of Kozilek sold a lot of copies for the first week or so after they were reprinted in Conspiracy: Take the Crown. Both cards are Modern staples that are always played in multiples of four, and thanks to the prevalence of Burn and the complexion of the heavily-played cards in Modern, Inquisition of Kozilek is basically a Thoughtseize with no drawback.

Jon Corpora
Pronounced Ca-pora