Alright, getting right into it. If this is your first time here, you're in for a treat: these are the cards that sold the best on TCGplayer over the weekend. Without any big events over the weekend (sure, the Magic Online Championships were a fun watch with cool commentators, but who wants to look at that interface?), sales were largely driven by Modern Masters 2017.

#10: Gifted Aetherborn

I'm going to chalk Gifted Aetherborn's steady sales to two things: it's uncommon, and it's in this Wedge deck:

#9: Walking Ballista

Time to baselessly speculate about what's going to get banned next week! It's tough to predict what, if anything, will catch the banhammer next week; the Smuggler's Copter / Emrakul, the Promised End / Reflector Mage bans were totally unprecedented, especially given their power level compared to the power level of the cards/decks that have been banned in Standard in the past. However, if we're following the precedent Wizards has just set-that they will ban cards in Standard in order to project that the format is dynamic - then I expect two cards to get banned: Felidar Guardian and Walking Ballista. The copy-cat combo puts a weird crimp on the format in that no deck can get too committed to the midrange grind, lest they get comboed out of nowhere with Negate backup. This isn't a condemnation of the combo necessarily, but tournament players tend to favor midrange in the dark these days, and Aether Revolt Standard is super hostile to midrange. Walking Ballista's ban, which I'm much less certain of, would be a symptom of it being in lots and lots of decks, like Smuggler's Copter before it.

#8: Aether Hub

Oh, @wrapter in the MOCS finals. Can he win back-to-back events? Is he finally trying hard enough??

— Luis Scott-Vargas (@lsv) March 5, 2017

Allow me to play the role of Lame Guy Explaining the Joke: Josh Utter-Leyton was always trying hard and has been a world-class player the whole time. Magic player narratives pushed by Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, tend to focus on players when they're winning because the reality of players in a slump lay too bare the realities of Magic - namely, that you can be the best player in the room and it just might not matter. Sometimes it might not matter for a long stretch of time! Scott-Vargas has intimate experience running hot and cold (see: the five years before his three consecutive PT Top 8s), and his experience, and now Utter-Leyton's, largely exist to prove that narratives are nonsense. This is some of the best advice I've ever gotten on the matter, courtesy of the criminally underrated Max Brown:

@jkyu06 @feb31st Remember the slump is in your head, a self-fulfilling Prophecy, the inexhaustible human need to see a pattern in the noise

— Max Brown (@Mono_Brown) November 22, 2013

#7: Vermiculos

I have no idea why this card is here. It did not see play the entire time it was Standard-legal, but then again, most cards didn't. Thanks, Affinity!

But seriously. If anyone knows why this card sold, please tell me. This is one of the more bizarre cards on the list I've seen.

#6: Modern Masters 2017 Booster Box


I'm still totally on board with this. DRAFT ISN'T DEAD.

#3: Fatal Push

Fatal Push is still strong in Modern, but its influence in Aether Revolt Standard is reliant on black-green decks being a thing. If there are no Winding Constrictors to Fatal Push, what else does the card kill? Heart of Kiran and Toolcraft Exemplar are the only Fatal Push targets in Mardu Vehicles, and it's common to board Toolcraft Exemplar out in that matchup. So, yeah! Fatal Push is gaining in Modern but its stock is falling in Standard. What a time to be alive.

#2: Three Wishes

Still don't know why this is here, but, uh... yeah! Three Wishes! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

#5: Thoughtseize

#4: Ancient Stirrings


#1: Rest in Peace

What do these three cards have in common?

They didn't get reprinted in Modern Masters 2017, and are now ripe speculation targets. As always, just pay attention to the market price, and don't get swept up in the buying frenzy. It's a manufactured demand, and it'll subside. Don't buy into a price spike.

Jon Corpora
pronounced Ca-pora