It's Monday. How did you spend your weekend welcoming our new Aetherworks Marvel overlords?

#10: Anointed Procession

I'm so glad Anointed Procession's back on the list so I can highlight this deck:

And here's Sam Black's video deck tech from Pro Tour Amonkhet, which I highly recommend because Sam Black is a robot from the future whose purpose is to make sweet decks:

Anointed Procession exists as a casual-geared card to go super-mega-ultra wide with, but it also saw play at a Pro Tour, so all bets are off. I'd like to give Anointed Procession a spin at FNM or something at some point.

#9: Aether Hub

For those of you that have been around a while, Aether Hub was the best-selling card in Kaladesh for what amounted to the entire time Kaladesh was the newest set. It goes in any energy deck, and it turns out the "energy deck core" is pretty good.

Does anyone else think it's weird that 4c Saheeli and Temur Marvel are nearly identical decks if you cut 8 cat/Saheeli for 8 marvel/Ulamog?

— Owen Turtenwald (@OwenTweetenwald) May 19, 2017

#8: Censor

Censor is great. I still wish Miscalculation had just gotten the reprint, but at this point, I'll take what I can get.

#7: Lord of the Accursed

The shine's off the apple — Lord of the Accursed is the only zombie card in the Top 10 this week. Zombies had a weak showing this weekend (compared to winning the Pro Tour), so that could explain the dip in sales. My guess is that the spike in prices of Relentless Dead is hurting zombie sales right now but their pricetag will settle somewhere more realistic as Amonkhet Standard wears on.

#6: Harsh Mentor

Burning-Tree Shaman won a Pro Tour back in the day, but Harsh Mentor has, as of yet, failed to live up to its predecessor's legacy. This bump in sales is likely the result of some ill-fated spec. I really should start keeping track of the dumb specs that come through this column and make fun of all the terrible cards people have gotten burned on.

#5: Mountain

#4: Plains

#3: Forest

#2: Island

#1: Swamp

My intuition tells me that a low-powered set like Amonkhet is going to do weird stuff to sales. There isn't much from Amonkhet powering Standard decks — at this point, if you want to play Amonkhet in Standard, it's zombies or bust — so the cards that will sell well are bound to be more casual-oriented, at least until Battle for Zendikar and Shadows over Innistrad blocks rotate out of Standard. For now, though, it's an Aetherworks Marvel world. We're just living in it.

Jon Corpora
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