Modern Weekend is in the books, and we have an amazing set of Modern decklists to show for it. With the lead up of the 2016 TCGplayer Modern States (and all of its decklists) there's never been a more exciting time to follow the Modern format.

Just take a look at the weekend's top selling cards to see why.

#1: Manic Scribe

Jinlin Li went undefeated on Day 1 of Grand Prix Los Angeles and everyone reacted accordingly by grabbing Manic Scribe, a card virtually no one thought would see any competitive play (even in Limited).


#2: Prized Amalgam

Speaking of Dredge, it too had its day in the Modern sun over the weekend. Prized Amalgam has been running hot on our top sellers and another big Modern weekend kept it ranked high.


#3: Delver of Secrets

Delver of Secrets is better known for Legacy action than Modern shenanigans. While Wade Lawson made Top 4 of his 2016 TCGplayer Modern State Championship with a Grixis flavor, I expect it's the hype for Eternal Masters previews getting kicked off today that helped pick everyone's favorite Aberration up.


#4: Dreadbore

Dreadbore was a tech card for the weekend, trading the speed of Terminate for the potential to handle Planeswalkers in Modern. While Patrick Chapin is famous for pushing Grixis Control in the format, it was Corey Burkhart that broke through into the Top 8 of Grand Prix Los Angeles using Dreadbore and a slew of other answers:


#5: Pili-Pala

If you don't know what Pili-Pala does you're not alone. The forgettable untap mechanic on a difficult to use Limited mana fixer meant Pili-Pala was destined for our mental dustbins soon after Shadowmoor passed.

Then Grand Architect came along and everything changed. With an infinite mana combo to power Whispers of the Muse into Kessig Wolf Run, Robert McMartin-Rosenquist battled deep into Grand Prix Los Angeles to make every casual combo player's dreams come true.


#6: Goblin Dark-Dwellers

Goblin Dark-Dwellers has been rising in Modern for weeks now as the utility creature to get back everything from the newly-unbanned Ancestral Visions to Electrolyze or Terminate or Lightning Bolt to even casting the Armageddon side of Boom // Bust. Patrick Chapin's Boom // Bust package in the sideboard helped him lock down games after taking control, all thanks to Goblin Dark-Dwellers.


#7: Matter Reshaper

Matter Reshaper was just one of the many cogs in the Bant Eldrazi deck that stormed across both Grand Prix Los Angeles and Grand Prix Charlotte. Pascal Maynard had the best showing with it over the weekend, taking a Top 4 slot in his pursuit of Platinum.


#8: Zendikar Resurgent

Zendikar Resurgent is an interesting wrinkle in an otherwise Modern-fueled Top 10 list. Mana Reflection and Mirari's Wake are powerful casual staples, and it's not surprising to see interest in Zendikar Resurgent moving as well. The real question is if there's a competitive deck out there using it.

#9: Grand Architect

The other half of the infinite mana combo with Pili-Pala, Grand Architect has been breaking casual tables and games for years. Now its home in Modern has been found, and we couldn't be more excited to see when this deck takes off.

#10: Eldrazi Displacer

Eldrazi Displacer is another key piece of the Bant Eldrazi decks, answering tokens, clearing blockers and generally messing around with when and how opponents can try to kill things. Who said Standard isn't making things strong enough to matter in Modern?

The Best of the Rest

Reality Smasher is smashing realities in Modern thanks to Bant Eldrazi. Thing in the Ice continues to be every Island-playing Standard brewer's trump of choice. Duskwatch Recruiter fell off the Top 10, but not by much.

Nahiri, the Harbinger earned only two copies in the total Top 8s from the weekend, but she's still a phenomenally powerful Planeswalker in both Modern and Standard. Despite the "lack" of payoff she's still one of the best-selling cards from Shadows over Innistrad.


With Eternal Masters on the way we'll check back on Friday to see how a reprint set filled with Magic's oldest cards changed what sold once again. Don't miss it!