It's a holiday weekend here at TCGplayer, but the Magic hasn't stopped. There was Modern everywhere, including some incredible lists out of Grand Prix Kobe, but that isn't the whole store behind the weekend's Super Sellers. Let's roll.

#10: Anointed Procession

To look at Anointed Procession, let's turn to Twitter for a Grand Prix Omaha preview from Sam Black:

#GPOmaha preview

— Sam Black (@SamuelHBlack) May 28, 2017

That's tokens, in Standard. Anointed Procession is already a casual staple but Sam is still working out the details from his tokens-first approach to the format. I'm curious to see how he evolved his Pro Tour deck:

#9: Bristling Hydra

We previewed Bristling Hydra back in the day, and it's finally making another Standard run now. With energy decks of various flavors picking up wins, both online and off, now's a great time to jump into something new and something competitive.

Wedge even has the scoop:

#8: As Foretold

As Foretold is a card begging to be broken. Given enough time you can cast anything for free, and with a little Time Spiral and/or proliferation love you can get to those big spells even faster.

The secret text that's easy to miss on As Foretold is "once each turn" which is far more busted than "at the beginning of your upkeep" or "once during your turn" options. They templated the card for maximum hustle, so don't be afraid.

#7: Harnessed Lightning

Did you see the energy deck above? Harnessed Lighting is one of the best removal spells in the format, not only anchoring any energy strategy using red, but also powering up the menace of the format: Temur Marvel.

It's really that simple.

#6: Aether Hub

Aether Hub is the Kaladesh card that won't stop giving until energy rotates out of Standard. Which mean it rotates out of Standard. Which means you have another year of this card being amazing. Which means you need more copies of this card.

You came to the right place.

#5: Island (Full Art 251)

#4: Swamp (Full Art 252)

#2: Mountain (Full Art 253)

Full art lands are here to stay it seems, and everyone is getting ready for the return of Nicol Bolas. The most badass Planeswalker in the multiverse needs sweet lands, and these three are his own turf on top of it.


#3: Vizier of Remedies

Do you like combo potential and playing value cards? Corbin Hosler's Mining Modern series recently looked at why Vizier of Remedies is fun for the format. Take a look:

Also, it made Top 8 at Grand Prix Copenhagen.

Vizier of Remedies is the real deal.

#1: Cascading Cataracts

Why is Cascading Cataracts selling well? First, players think it's going to get better. It can fix up to the full rainbow of mana, and it even offers colorless as well for those pesky, hard-to-cast Eldrazi. The legacy of the titans on Zendikar will be leaving Standard in the fall, making the colorless option less-relevant.

Speculation isn't enough though, so we look to the second reason: Commander, and broadly casual Magic in general. Cascading Cataracts is indestructible, a juicy word for a land that covers any colors you need. Thanks to the popularity of Atraxa, Praetors' Voice and (if reddit is to be believed) a rainbow of upcoming tribal Commander decks, getting mana squared away is going to be a hot topic.

Cascading Cataracts scales, is cheap, and comes with a warranty against almost all land destruction. If you're into multicolor shenanigans, this is one to pick up.